11 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Facebook - An Effective Marketing Tool

There is no doubt about the fact that the majority of the generation now spends much of their time on social media. There is also no doubt in that fact that these social media platforms are becoming some of the biggest conglomerates that have ever been known to man. This also explains why everyone wants to go viral on one of these platforms, so they can get the publicity without spending a buck as they are doing it.

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Facebook Marketing

Going viral on a social media platform does not only mean that thousands will see what your page posted but rather that there is a possibility that millions of people will see that post in a matter of minutes. Therefore, social media is a great way to bring attention to your small business.

Content Quality

Before your company can even get a chance to become viral, it is absolutely necessary to understand one thing. People who run small businesses think that all that is needed to do is to make a pretty page and people will like it. However, this is absolutely the way that a small business owner should not think.

Content should be the main priority of the page no matter what your company sells or markets. It is necessary to understand the fact that the looks of the page are only there to bring the customers to the page; it is the content that decides whether they stay there or not. Brisbane’s Favourite Company believes in content quality and marketing.

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Now that the content’s priority has been stressed enough; it is time to move on to the next step. It is no surprise that pictures and other graphic illustrations catch attention faster than text. Even a graph in a presentation, a coffee cup on a poster of a coffee shop, or a profile photo above your name on Facebook can make your page attractive.

People know that they are seeing a post from your page because your profile picture is what they associate with your company. Along with a great profile picture, it is essential to have an eye-catching cover photo, an interesting bio, and even some general information about your company and what this page is for.


When one visits a business page, it is necessary that they feel welcomed and comfortable to approach the people who run the operation. It is a great way to do this by including a contact number and the location of your business. Even a messenger link on the page also suffices for this purpose.

It is a good idea to reply quickly to any queries your page gets through personal messages on messenger, so your availability is recognized by Facebook algorithms. The algorithms will catch on to your quick replies and every visitor of the page will see that your page replies quickly. This makes people hesitate less when they have a question because they have a sense of security from rejection.

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Giveaway Marketing

This is one of the biggest ways that companies go big and gets recognized by many. They hold giveaways on their business page that rewards customers for some sort of action. For example, a lot of companies now ask people to comment on a post with what they thought about the product and the service of the company in exchange for a reward. This reward can be anything such as a free product, a discount coupon, a shout-out or even a free service. This strategy gets two targets with the same arrow by developing a following through asking them to comment/like and having a ton of reviews that future customers can look at.


It is a very time taking and hard job to manage a business page. It is, therefore, recommended to delegate work to freelancers who do the work for a cheap price or use apps that are designed specifically for facebook marketing.

Balancing Posts

It is necessary for the credibility of the page that your posts have a good balance of click-bait posts, viral content, and good quality content.

Answering FAQ’s

This one of the most common reasons people create a business page. It is a great idea to post answers to these questions to help the customers.


It is imperative that your page runs advertisements that pertain to your target audience thus, bringing in more revenue for your company.


A theory for reaching the maximum audience is that your page assumes all the audience is not as intelligent. This will force your posts to have simple language that can be understood even by children.

Get Inspiration

Find out why people follow a certain brand or company and what is it they do that takes their page to the next level.

Special Touch

While there is nothing wrong with being ordinary, it is the extraordinary thing that stand out to people the most. Add something to your page that makes it better than everyone else; add that special touch to draw customers.

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