Building up your number of followers and getting more engagement with each one on social media takes time. It’s a bit of a grind, but your follower count increases steadily when you work on it. There’s much you can do with your social accounts to get a better return on them.

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Social Media Marketing

Here are a few ways to boost your follower count and level of engagement with your social marketing.

Increase Your Level of Engagement

We think of social media as being about selfies, posts, and activity. That’s all true. But at its core, it’s about billions of people interacting on these social platforms. Whether they’re mentally engaged or not is the key here.

TV shows now commonly have the stars of the show live tweeting during some TV episodes. It used to be people watched their favorite shows in isolation, but now they want to comment while watching and get the inside scoop from the actors and directors themselves about that episode.

At an effective social media marketing agency, they know that boosting the level of engagement between the audience and the brand matters enormously. To continue the example, when viewers of a TV show see the actors respond to questions and provide the inside skinny, they are more likely to keep watching and come back the following week too. For web series, getting online engagement is even more important when there’s less or no money for advertising.

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Increase Your Posting Frequency

It depends on the platform, but each social media account needs a different posting frequency. For instance, when pinning images to pinboards on Pinterest, for best results you’ll need to be doing this 10-15 times a day. For Facebook, a post every day or every other day is usually fine if it’s genuinely useful. Look at what your peers are doing and their posting frequency on different platforms. Try to match it when it’s proven to be working well for them.

Increase Your Comments & Replies

When posting on social media, you need to be responsive to comments. There’s nothing worse than comments being added below the post and then being ignored. It creates the impression that no one’s home (because the post was automatically put online at a set date and time). This doesn’t help the brand be impactful. It’s the online equivalent of having a customer services phone line and not answering incoming calls. While it doesn’t look quite as bad as that, it’s certainly a missed opportunity to boost engagement and the loyalty of followers.

Spending time replying to comments shows all viewers, not just the person who commented or existing followers, that someone cares.

Increase Your Influencer Outreach

Reaching out to social influencers is a great way to get your brand more recognition. Sometimes influencers are interested in what you offer and wish to promote it. Other times, they’ll want a cut of the action for any direct promotional effort. See how they can benefit you and how you can benefit them. There may be a mutually agreeable deal to be made that can expose your brand positively to their huge base of active followers.

Learning how to get better with social media is bound to help your venture(s). Whether you’re wanting to increase the engagement from people in the local area, plan to expand nationally or just need to increase your ROI, social media is one way that doesn’t require a huge ad spend.