Why Video Marketing is Essential in 2019


Video Marketing

It’s vital that every marketer never underestimates the power of video when developing a winning digital marketing campaign. After all, it is easily one of the most effective ways to improve your brand awareness, increase online engagement, connect with your customers, and grow your annual revenue.

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If you have yet to introduce the strategy into a campaign, what are you waiting for? You are making a big mistake, which you should aim to rectify sooner rather than later! Find out why video marketing is essential in 2019.

Video Marketing to Dominate Consumer Traffic

If you don’t believe video marketing is beneficial to your digital marketing strategy, you would be wise to review the latest statistics. It is thought that online video traffic will account for approximately 80% of all consumer trafficin 2019. It means that if you are not creating high-quality, compelling videos, expect to be exceeded by your online competitors.

Compelling Social Media Campaigns

Various social media platforms will be the primary driver for video distribution and online engagement. It’s not only YouTube that is leading the way for video, as both Facebook and Instagram will continue to lead the charge. The facts speak for themselves, as Facebook experiences 8 million video views per day, and the figure is expected to rise in 2019 and beyond.

Consumer Attitudes to Video are Changing

As online users are watching more videos than ever before, their attitude to the medium is shifting. No longer will they accept low-quality videos from brands, as they expect to view insightful explainer videos that reflect a company’s expertise and professionalism. As a result, videos can establish your business’s trustworthiness and credibility.

In addition to being informative and entertaining, it also needs to be inspirational, as a study found that half of internet users would share a video if it were inspiring.

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The Rise of Vertical Video

While you would be smart to start producing high-quality, professional videos that reflect your branding, you also should adopt vertical video into an online campaign. The fast-growing trend allows you to record videos vertically over sideways on your phone.

In fact, it is proving so popular that Facebook has now introduced a vertical video light, which has been upgraded to the platform’s default video orientation. Facebook also discovered that users not only preferred the bigger view, but they watched videos for longer with the sound on, so it can be a powerful way to engage with a large audience.

Convert Viewers into Customers

It can be hard to sell your product to a customer online. While informative copy and clever marketing campaigns can help you to engage your target market, it might not be enough to convince them to buy a product or service.

A video, however, can turn a viewer into a customer. Research has found that more than 3 in 4 people stated they were convinced to buy from a brand after watching a video so that it could provide a business with a great return on its investment.

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