Facebook: An Effective Marketing Tool


Facebook - An Effective Marketing Tool

Why Facebook Effective Marketing Tool ? One cannot argue that Facebook is one of the pioneers when it comes to social media services that are successfully utilized for the sole purpose of marketing.

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Over the years, marketers have continually ranked Facebook as one of their top three ROI drivers. Below are the top reasons why Facebook should be on the top of your social media marketing platform list.

Facebook Effective Marketing Tool

Facebook Effective Marketing Tool
Facebook – An Effective Marketing Tool (https://en.wikipedia.org)

Undeniable Popularity Worldwide

If it isn’t still obvious, Facebook has remained one of the most popular social media networks to date. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook has garnered about 1.71 billion active users monthly. This only proves that Facebook offers a greener pasture for those brands seeking to introduce their products and services to billions of potential customers.

Facebook: An Effective Marketing Tool

The platform’s social media services even cater to those small and medium-sized businesses, giving them the chance to grow their business through effortless engagement.

Consistent Updates and Advanced Features

Facebook’s massive base of active users isn’t the only aspect that lures marketers to the network. The fact that the management consistently updates the platform throws in a blanket of security for marketers. Being business wise, Facebook makes it a point to update their features to help average users and business owners to plan and execute their marketing strategies effectively.

The Facebook for business, for instance, is a useful marketing tool that helps business owners to meet their business goals using the platform. You can create Adverts, increase conversion through targeted advertising, and track results.

Targeted Advertising

As part of the amazing feature of Facebook for Business, targeted advertising is a well-loved feature that has successfully helped businesses skyrocket their sales. It has a custom audience feature where you can modify your target audience’s age, gender, location, and interest. This is also an efficient marketing tool for local businesses that aim to target local customers.

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Facebook - An Effective Marketing Tool
Facebook – An Effective Marketing Tool (https://www.flickr.com)

Facebook is “Addictive”

Facebook is indeed an addictive platform offering addictive social media services. If the total number of active users monthly isn’t enough to support this claim, then the fact that the netizens spend 20 percent of their time online on their Facebook account is undeniable proof.

There is no denying that social media addiction is a common issue, especially in the case of the youth nowadays. A study conducted at Bergen University last 2012 analyzed the ways in which people form a dependency on Facebook. The findings of the survey include Facebook addiction being compared to the likes of alcohol and substance addiction.

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Personally, this is quite alarming, but as a businessman, this fact can be a power knowledge as to which platform to implement your marketing campaign and what strategies to apply.

Affordable Advertising Fee

If you don’t like to undergo the hassle of manually promoting your business, then Facebook is the top pick. As part of its impeccable social media services, the social network giant offers very affordable advertising costs. For as low as $0.16 per click, depending on your business niche, you can already boost your presence online.

What’s even more impressive is that you have full control over your budget. You can adjust your budget in Adverts Manager and set a “Per day” budget if you prefer daily basis.

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