Marvelous Mobile Marketing: A Newbie’s Guide to App Promotion


A Newbie’s Guide to App Promotion

Do you have a mobile app that is struggling to reach its intended audience? It’s understandable. This guide to app promotion should help.

Developing and selling mobile apps is a great business strategy. You’ll get a quick return on your investments once your app starts to sell.

However, you will find it hard to get people to even notice your app. This is because the app store has over 2.45 million apps available for download in its libraries. That doesn’t even include the 800,000 gaming apps available, as well.

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This is where app promotion comes in. Doing this makes sure that your app doesn’t become shadowed by the other apps on the app store.

So, how can you go about promoting your app? Below, we have a guide that will tell you the different ways you can market your app. Read on and develop your marketing strategy now.

Get a Community Going

One way you can ensure your app sells is by building a small community of users. Look for people who have an interest in things related to your app. A great place to start looking is on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Most of the time, you will encounter a small group of people who may take interest in your app. What you need to do now is to try and introduce your app. Keep in mind that they may decline your requests if they find you too aggressive with it.

Tease Your App

While you’re still developing your app, a great way to get some hype going is through teasers. This will get people excited about the app you’ll soon release. This is also a great way to let people know that you may be in need of some beta testers.

Trailers are what most developers use to also get some feedback from their audience. Showing what’s in store for them will allow you to listen to their opinions and tweak your product while it’s still under mobile app development.

Ask for the Help of Influencers

A great way to make your app stand out is by employing influencers. These people have a large subscriber base and they often have a powerful influence over their followers. Both of these are the tools you need when you’re having trouble with mobile app promotion.

Asking for their services is a straightforward process. All you need to do is contact them via e-mails and direct messages on their social media accounts. Often, it will take them a while to get to you, but their help will be worth the wait.

Once they get back to you, there are different ways you can get them to talk about your app. The first way is to ask them to pretend they enjoy using your app. This is a risky move because people may notice that they’re faking their reactions.

Strong influence or not, people seeing a fake reaction towards your app often spells doom for any hope it has to sell. Instead, you should introduce your app to them and let them know how it works. Give them a few days to get to know your app better on their own, as well.

This allows them to have in-depth knowledge on how your app works, helping them to sell it to their audience. It will help if you find an influencer that is also passionate about the type of app you have. This makes sure that their audience will also be easier to convince to buy your app.

Create a Demo for Your App

Videos are the best way to engage people who’re browsing the internet nowadays. So, what better way to promote app visibility than by making a video demo?

While you’re creating your demo, you should remember to include only the essentials. This is because most people will skip any video that is longer than one minute or so. So, you will want to keep it short and concise if you want people to keep watching until the end.

The content of your demo should answer three questions: what your app features, how does your app work, and why people should buy your app. These are the three biggest questions people often have when they see a video about an app. Answering these will increase the likeliness of them purchasing your app.

Once you’ve released a demo, you should keep it updated every two weeks or so. This is because your app should never stop being under development. So, remember to change up your demos to reflect the current state and features of your app.

Market Your App Through Social Media

Nowadays, more than half of the internet’s population goes online to log in to social media. This makes marketing your app through social media not only a valid option but a strong option as well.

There are different ways you can market your app through social media. One way is by seeking the aid of developer and entrepreneur groups. They’re like the influencers that specialize in marketing and in helping you make your app better.

Asking for their help is a surefire way for you to ask the opinions of different developers on your app. Doing this also gives you the chance of finding other developers who may want to collaborate with you. This allows your app to become promoted through their audience as well.

Another way you can use social media is by increasing your own online presence. You can do this by engaging with your current audience on a regular basis. You can also create posts telling your subscribers about the progress you already have finished on your app to keep them updated.

Promoting your app through your social media presence is much like promoting your business on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It will start off slow, but as your audience grows, it will start to pick up the pace.

Learn Effective App Promotion Tips Today

Don’t know how to promote an app? Learn the best app promotion techniques with the help of our guide! Read up and market a successful app now!

Still struggling to market your app? Then the way your business runs may be to blame instead. Learn about the key areas you should improve on in your business to keep it in top shape for the new year.

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