Does Blogging Help SEO? 10 Ways it Most Certainly Does


If there’s one thing that can help improve your SEO, it’s blogging. Read this blogging for SEO guide to learn how blogging helps.

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With the average small business set to spend around $75,000 this year on digital marketing, it’s important that you find different ways to compete. If you’ve realized just how important search engine optimization is, you may be struggling to run with the big dogs when it comes to that. However, blogging for SEO can be your ace in the hole. Read on to learn more!

It Answers Questions

When people use a search engine, they’re either looking for a specific product or the answer to a question. When you create a blog, you have the ability to seize both types of searches by using your expertise to describe a problem where your product is the answer.

The point of a blog is to show off your expertise and knowledge. In your blog, you can also talk about what makes your products and services special compared to other types of products and services.

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Talk About Where You Are

In SEO these days, it’s important to be local. When you have a blog, you get the opportunity to be as local as you’d like.

Use your neighborhood name, street names, notable local attractions, and highways in your service area. No matter what your business is, you need to focus on capturing your local audience first. In order to be relevant to people outside of your region, you need a strong following.

With locally focused SEO, you can show up in searches from your region by showing search engines where you are through the natural use of local markers.

Show Off Your Achievements

When you have a blog, you should be adding at least one image to every post. Adding high quality, attractive images gives you the opportunity to not just talk about your products and services, but to show them off as well. Rather than have to rely on words, you can let your clients see them for themselves.

If you’ve accomplished something exciting with your products or services, let your customers know with an image and a post all about it.

Use Keywords in New Ways

One of the best ways to take advantage of your blog is to use keywords in natural and organic ways. By adding lots of content, you’re showing search engines that your URL is very active. When you’re also using your keywords and local SEO terms often, they’ll see just how important you are to your community.

Think of ways that your competitors aren’t using keywords.Talking about issues that those national competitors just don’t know about. You’ll build a much stronger following by being sincere and staying focused on local concerns.

If you get good enough, you might even become one of those blogs that pay contributors through ad revenue.

Blogging for SEO Is Smart Marketing

If you’re not taking advantage of blogging for SEO ranking, you’re going to struggle to match the big competitors who are funneling thousands into marketing. This can be the one way that you can use organic marketing and sincere branding to your advantage. Don’t miss out!

To learn more about what makes for effective SEO, check out this guide.

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