Launching a small business takes a lot of work. Let’s make it easier, especially with your website. Click here for ten easy seo tactics to get visitors today.

Google is a fickle master that uses a complex algorithm to determine if your website is worth putting on page one of search results or back in the SERP wasteland of obscurity.

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You’re busy running your small business. You need easy SEO to put in place that gets Google’s attention and won’t take over your life.


SEO encompasses everything involved with helping your site rank better on search engines. An SEO professional spends hours looking at data and analytics before developing a comprehensive plan. You don’t have the time. Instead, focus on quick SEO for small business websites.

Mobile Is the Priority

For years, Google pushed mobile friendliness as people’s search habits changed. Cell phones are the go-to for Google searches, leaving desktop search in the dust. Websites need to make sure their site is not only usable but designed for mobile sites.

Google developed two algorithm changes to bring mobile to the forefront. It also implemented mobile first indexing for many sites. Sites that work well with mobile get a rankings boost over standard desktop sites. Mobile friendliness includes fast loading pages, easy to read fonts and easy scrolling.

Build Easy SEO around Keywords

When a person types a query into the search box, they’re using keywords. Google’s bots visit websites and use these keywords as a guideline for search results. It helps to have these keywords on the proper pages.

Keyword research involves two main areas: volume and competitiveness. We all want to rank for high search volume keywords. It’s difficult for small businesses.

They’re competing with major box stories and other monolithic businesses. Instead, focus on lower volume long tail keywords that don’t have the competition.

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Install Google Analytics and Search Console

It’s difficult to put in place SEO for small business owners if you can’t determine the impact it has on the site. Google has two free tools you can install. Google Analytics is a comprehensive suite that shows you everything you need to know about your site.

Track changes in organic search traffic, see what pages are most popular and what ones need improvement. You can tell if your SEO works by seeing traffic increases and increases in popularity of certain pages.

Google Search console provides search information. You’ll see what keywords give your site search impressions and the rankings. Keep an eye out for Google messages and manual penalties.

You can provide a sitemap that tells Google how many pages are on your site to index. It also shows you any indexing issues such as 404 errors and more. It’s vital for keyword research and identifying keywords you’re not optimizing for.

Don’t Forget About Local SEO

If you’re a small business with a brick and mortar store or have a service area, then you’ll want to focus on local SEO. Instead of using keywords based on general terms, develop localized keywords. Claim your local Google My Business listing and Google Map listing to rank for local search queries.

Small business owners need to focus on getting customers into their store or ordering services. Local SEO is much different than national SEO. You can use a project management system to keep track of customer information and more. It saves time that you can use for SEO.

Create Useful Content

Many small business owners create a website without thinking about SEO. They have a beautiful site, but lack content. There are plenty of pictures, but they use canned product descriptions from the manufacturer. They also focus more on products than on how they’re used and educating the customer.

Google puts emphasis on relevance and authority on a website. If your site has well-crafted product and category descriptions and informative blog posts, then Google notices this and ranks you better. Blog posts and product descriptions are the perfect places to put keywords.

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Build Your Backlinks

We know little about the hundreds of items Google uses to determine search rank. We do know that backlinks are a big factor for many searches. Backlinks are links from an outside website to your website.

Google likes them because it shows other sites consider your site authoritative and link to it. It’s important the backlinks are from people in your business niche. Do not buy backlinks. Google often figures that out and penalizes your website in the rankings.

Disavow Bad Backlinks

Good backlinks can build your rankings, but bad ones can drag you down. These toxic backlinks are from places like link farms. Google Search Console shows your backlinks and is the place you go to disavow them.

You create a file with the disavowed links and submit it to Search Console. Google then won’t count them as a true backlink. It’s much easier than contacting the site and having the backlink removed.

Stay Informed of Changes

SEO is constantly changing as Google updates their algorithms. SEO tactics you’ve been using can be ineffective or be negative. SEO is a journey and takes time. It never stops, but one algorithm change can impact your rankings.

E-commerce sites should stay on top of industry news. Check Google Analytics and Search Console if you hear about a Google update to see if you’re affected. It could have done nothing, helped your rankings or tanked them.

Check Out Your Competitors

Is there a competitor that ranks better for you for several keywords? Check out their website and see what they’re doing and imitate it. Don’t copy it because Google hates duplicate content, but do something similar.

See what keywords your competitors use and add them to your keyword list. It’s possible that your competitors did SEO for years and you can take advantage of their work.

Patience is Key with SEO

If you’re a new website and never done SEO before, then you’re in for a rankings climb. You’re competing against sites that have more experience, authority and time for SEO than you have. It doesn’t mean you can’t start gaining ground. Put in place SEO early, even during website creation, so you hit the ground running once the site is live.

It won’t happen overnight. It can take months as your rankings increase from week to week, but you’ll hit that first page. Be wary of companies that say they can get you first page ranking fast. Patience and effort are the best ways for rank improvement.

Don’t Give Up You Can Do It

SEO can seem difficult for small businesses owners trying to do everything alone. Easy SEO techniques can help you rank without spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours going over data. If you need more information about SEO or digital marketing, then visit our website.