Closing the Deal: The Do’s and Don’t’s of SEO for Real Estate


Real estate deals are closed with a handshake. And a well-crafted website can help you get there. Check out these tips on SEO for real estate.

What if you had an amazing real estate business and no one knew about it?

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A successful real estate business starts with a great website. But without good SEO, then prospective buyers and sellers won’t be able to discover your business.

Interested in attracting more visitors? Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide to SEO for real estate!

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Keywords Done Right

Everyone knows that good SEO means choosing the right keywords and following SEO trends. But are you using the “right” keywords in the wrong places?

For maximum impact, you need to use the keyword in your URL. It also needs to pop up in the title and several different times throughout the document.

Ideally, your real estate site will have plenty of pictures. Make sure the image titles reflect the keywords and that your image alt tags do the same.

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Focus on Local Keywords

To create good SEO, you need to research the best keywords. But are you focusing on local keywords as well?

When it comes to real estate searches, most consumers don’t use generic searches. They will follow include things like the name of their city and state in any of the real estate searches they perform.

Draw Them a Map

When you focus on real estate SEO, you typically focus on helping customers find your website. However, we have a more basic question: do they know how to find your actual business?

It’s vitally important that your real estate website has an embedded Google Map. This helps customers find your exact address, especially when they are using GPS programs such as Google Maps.

However, including a Google Map is also a good way to give your SEO a big boost. This is because Google’s SEO algorithms favor websites that help confirm the location and exact address of a business.

If you’re worried about how to include a Google Map, there are many free and paid website plugins to help you do so.

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Go Mobile Or Go Home

Let’s say that you have a website with killer content and amazing real estate SEO. However, have you considered how your customers will be browsing your website?

Google’s search algorithms take into account how easy it is to load and read your website from a mobile device. The reason for this is simple: more consumers browse websites via a mobile device now than via desktop PC.

This is why you need to incorporate responsive design into your entire website. Responsive design adjusts the size of the website content to fit the screen of a phone or tablet, helping consumers out while boosting SEO.

SEO for Real Estate: The Bottom Line

Now you know some killer secrets about SEO for real estate. But do you know who can give your website the biggest boost?

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