When you own and run a business, there is one area that you must know about before you can be entirely successful, and that’s marketing. Every business, no matter what the owner’s ultimate aims may be, or what sector it sits in, must be marketed well in order to become known and find new customers. Without good marketing, a business can easily fail even if everything else about it is perfect.

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Digital marketing is the next step up from standard marketing, and it is how most businesses represent themselves in today’s internet-based world. Read on to find out how digital marketing can benefit your business and help to grow it more quickly and successfully than anything else.


When you compare digital marketing with traditional forms of marketing such as print media or perhaps radio, you’ll soon see that digital marketing is comparatively much less expensive. In some cases it is even free – if you market organically on social media, you don’t have to pay anything at all (although it can be useful to boost posts on Facebook, for example, in order for more people to see your marketing).

Even when you do choose to spend money on digital marketing, you can target your audience exactly, choosing who sees your ads depending on their gender, age, location, and even their likes and dislikes. This means that you can promote your product or service to exactly the people who are most likely to buy it, and therefore your budget will go a lot further and bring in much more of a return.

Mobile Marketing

According to statistics, around 77 percent of all adults in the US have access to a smartphone, and they use it to go online whenever they want to. When they do go online, they will be heading to all kinds of sites to read the news, check social media, do online shopping, and play games. If you can ensure that your digital marketing campaign is there to greet them when they log on or click on to any of their favorite websites, they will soon get to know your brand, logo, website, and what it is you can do for them.

You can use remarketing to capture the right people’s attention; this entails sending out texts or emails to remind people that they were looking at your site and to encourage them to buy from you. You will be right where they are, and that will help gain more customers and make more sales.

Prove You’re The Expert

Digital marketing is the ideal way to show that you are, indeed, the expert that people are looking for. You can write a blog, for example, which details your knowledge, picking a different element of your business and the products and services you offer. If you aren’t keen on writing, why not create a video blog (vlog) instead? The impact can be just as powerful, perhaps even more so. Once you have written or recorded your blog, you can then share it on social media, using your knowledge of digital marketing to extend its reach as far as possible.

Other ways or showing your expertise include workshops and talks, and you can advertise these on social media too. Make sure that everything you do is tweeted or posted about on Facebook or Instagram (or a combination of these) so that as many people as possible can see.  

To get the latest knowledge and become confident in your marketing techniques, you could always consider further education to bolster you and ensure you are headed in the right direction. For example, a Redlands MBA specializing in marketing will see you taught many crucial things about marketing– that’s what makes it such a useful course to apply for. You’ll learn, for example, why being the expert in your field is so important. This is what can really set you apart from your competition, and make the buying decision for your customers much easier.

Show The Human Side

Digital marketing allows businesses to engage with and interact with their customers directly, and for you to show the human side of your business. This is one of the things that makes it such a powerful way to market yourself. You can show your content and what you do, and if you are asked a question you can answer it there and then. Being responsive is hugely important for your business; if you are seen to be ignoring queries and dodging questions, you will be looked upon with suspicion. If you can be open and honest, even if there is a problem your business will be seen as somewhere to trust.

As an additional benefit, by interacting with the people who are engaging with you on social media, you can start to get an idea of the kinds of people who want to buy from you, and what they are looking for in your products, and your next marketing campaign will be much easier to be put together.