Top DIY SEO Tips You Can Implement Without Involving a Developer


Search engines play a significant role in getting traffic to your website. They are resourceful because they locate and rank your page in their listings. This may sound quite simple, but your website needs to be SEO friendly for a top ranking. Search Engine Optimization helps Google and other engines to find, index and rank your page. In this light, you need to employ the right SEO tactics to boost your brand visibility.

In addition, you need to understand what search engines are always looking for in a site for top ranking. SEO keeps changing, and what was considered a top SEO tactic a few years ago may not be applicable today.


For this reason, you should ensure your page has what Google is looking for such as: quality content, keywords, and links among others. You can also evaluate the performance of your website using https://serpbook.com/blog/rank-tracking/  and start working on SEO tactics that will enhance its ranking across search engines.

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Top DIY SEO Tips

It is important to note that while an SEO expert or developer can be of great help, there are many DIY SEO tips that can save you time and money. They include;

Keyword Research

For a successful SEO campaign, you need extensive keyword research. Do not assume that you know what your clients and search engines want. Understand the jargon in your industry, and use the right words/phrases to help clients find your products. Similarly, use keyword themes that web visitors often use in their search processes or search queries.

Understand And Study Your Competitors

By understanding your competition, you can work on an SEO campaign that will give you an edge. In this regard, determine your competitors, understand why they are prospering, check on the content and keyword theme they are using, and look for any interesting features that set them apart from you.

Customize Your Website

Once you know what your clients want and who your competitors are, you need to plan your website. Identify pages that will provide specific information to clients and include a search box therein. This will help visitors to find what they are looking for within the shortest time possible. By doing so, web visitors will be more interested in your page and it will increase their dwell time as well as your ranking in search engines.

Update Your Content

In a business website, relevant and fresh content is crucial. For this reason, it is wise that you have a consistent plan, for example, updating your website on a weekly or monthly basis. You can include information about major improvements in your business, photographs, and videos related to your brand. Most importantly, ensure the content is relevant to your target audience.

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Personal Social Media Network

Social media is a powerful marketing platform. You need to create your network to reach out and connect with your clients. Through different platforms, you can always create, understand and nurture relationships with your clients to boost your SEO in the end. With increased exposure of your content, you will also generate more traffic to your website for increased productivity.

Basic Understanding Of Analytics

You also need a better understanding of Google or web analytics. Remember, it can be hard to optimize what you don’t understand or measure. It is important to track your performance and that of your SEO program. From the results, you will know which areas to maximize on and the strategies to improve on.

Read Widely And Ask Questions

To make it in the world of SEO, you need to be informed. Get an SEO guide, explore SEO blogs and communities to learn more about the latest trends. There are many guides for starters and seasoned businesses persons. The tips from such platforms will also help you to know what to drop in your campaign, and what to include.

SEO communities also engage in conversations and answer different SEO questions. Spare some time to learn one or two things that relate to your business niche. With the right information, you can develop an SEO plan that serves you best.

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