The Growing Role of Digital Forensics


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Digital Forensics

As our lives have moved further and further online, digital forensics is taking on a much larger role in court cases and investigations. For example, a large part of the evidence provided in serious bullying cases is records of the digital communications between students.

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Doing anything online or digitally today leaves a record, whether it is conversations using messenger applications, saving, removing or moving files, or previously deleted emails. Digital forensics works to uncover digital activity that the perpetrator has previously tried to hide, delete or cover up.

#1. Tracing Digital Breadcrumbs:

Often, the role of digital forensics analysists is to recover previously deleted data. You may think that after you delete a file, it is gone forever, but the truth is, deleting a file from your hard drive doesn’t mean that it has gone straight away. Instead, the computer will mark that place in its memory as available, but the original file will not be overwritten until a new file is saved to the same place.

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Digital Forensics

In addition, the files that analysts gather are much more than simply the content produced by the file’s creator. Major file types such as emails and PDF’s, for example, contain a huge amount of information hidden in headers; this provides information such as when the file was sent, what service was used to send it, and much more. And, as an email moves from the sender to the recipient, any servers encountered along the way will add more information to the header. Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business

#2. Recovering Missing Data:

According to analysts, most people’s devices are easy to look into when it comes to recovering missing data. When somebody has an authorized search warrant and the right tools for the job, even previously long deleted data on a computer or smartphone can be sorted and scraped through.

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Digital Forensics
Computer key with fingerprint. 3D render.

For example, direct messages on social media apps or texts, financial information from banking apps, messages and even directions entered into map applications can all be recovered from smartphones with the right tools. Whether you want to recover files from your own device or somebody else’s, get in touch with the experts at today to help you find what you need.

#3. What Does the Future Hold?

When it comes to digital forensics, the future appears to hold even bigger things in store. Current digital trends are certainly going to leave their mark on the role of digital investigators.

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For example, saving files in ‘the cloud’ will make it difficult for analysts to recover files deleted there, while on the other hand, the growing trend of larger memory devices means that deleted files are less likely to be overwritten quickly.

Today, devices are tracking more data than ever before. As a result, analysts are finding new challenges in the sheer quantity of data that they may find on any one device. And, non-digital investigations are often still required to connect a device with a perpetrator.

What’s your opinion on the growing role of digital forensics today? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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