Darian Kovacs is an Award-winning digital marketing & PR specialist. He is from Vancouver, Canada. Recently, he has launched Jelly Digital Marketing & PR Agency as a managing partner.

And, well, that’s not the start for him, as he has big plans for small and big businesses.

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Today, he shared with us some digital marketing hacks, that he thinks will help businesses in 2018.

Darian’s tales are full of practical examples and his audience feels motivated to implement those strategies in their day-to-day experiences. He is an inspiration for all and equips many to use social media and PR tactics into their companies.

Darian Kovacs

Darian’s Accomplishments Are Sundry

He got the National Church’s Chicken Canada and Ten Thousand Villages Canada accounts and worked with La-Z-Boy franchises in both Greater Vancouver and the Greater Toronto area.  

“Despite the fact that social media, PR and digital advertising are the pillars of our business, it is our unique ability to combine the trio that enables us to provide comprehensive amplification for brands,” says Kovacs.

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He is also a speaker for the Rogers Small Business Workshops and Content Provider for Shaw’s Business Resource Centre and contributor for Entrepreneur magazine, Small Business BC, and Simply Measured.

Digitally Organized Organizations Perform Better?

“Social media, public relations and digital advertising are the key to success and also for cutting-costs if they are performed in-house,” says Kovacs.  According to Daniel, every company should be focused on employing more digital resources to get awesome results.

Darian also adds, “Marketing isn’t what it was a few years ago. With expansions of technology and data in the past few years, companies need to work accordingly. Consistent with HubSpot, most of the new digital marketing hires need to be talented with technical skills.”

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Let us explore 10 digital marketing must-have hacks today with Darian Kovacs.

Digital Marketing

SEO Is Your Backbone

Darian adds that, “SEO is not dead, and marketers need to understand that. Your Organic search results have the ability to be more influential than any paid ads.”

And, if we look at it from all the available results, you will agree that the results are long-lasting while being available on the first page. You get 40% of your customers through organic search.

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So start doing SEO today!

Analytics Will Analyze Business For You

“You don’t have to be a data-scientist to do the basic math. You just need to be equipped with the best tool to see your target audience and how they reach you,” says Kovacs.

The foundation of marketing is based on the target audience. Thus, in order to reach out to them effectively, you need to do analytics often. As it impacts your workflow, along with KPIs, sales, revenues, etc.

Content Marketing Is The Key To Success

Yes, that’s true too. Content, if engaging, has the ability to move the worlds.

“Use WordPress to make things easier for you, as it covers nearly 16 million sites all over the globe,” says Darian.

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So, if you are not equipped with an active website, you are losing about 80% of your customers. Start working on your content to reach your target audience effectively guys!

Digital Marketing

Get On YouTube

We all love watching videos. And, if your customers get engaging ideas and content from your video, then you are the master here. YouTube is your best platform to roller-coaster your ride to reach your customers.

“Show your customers what they want to see – in an artistic manner. Don’t be monotonous with your approach here. Your videos let them know that you really do CARE,” adds Darian.

Understand HTML, CSS & PHP

“Though these are technical details, you need to understand that they are important. Your website is like your brand name. It should be user-friendly and stylish and have all required details with just-a-click-away input,” quotes Darian.

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Hence, this will make your conversation between cross teams operative, and quicker.

Create Digital Experience For Your Customers

You don’t need to be an expert in digital designs to make that happen. But, your design team should know their job. And, to get them to do that – is to arrange meetings, seminars to be equipped with all the recent software in your industry. You will see, that your customers get their digital experience enhanced with your fresh approach.

“You can discuss with our Jelly Marketing team to choose these courses, and from there you will see what is going to impact your niche completely,” says Kovacs.

Use Project Management Tools

These are very effective. And, they will let you manage your time better.

“Choose from Asana, Wrike, or Clarizen etc. There are many that can help you organize projects in your schedule and within your budget,” says Darian.

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These are some cost-effective software to help you collaborate, share data, and meet your project goals.

Digital Marketing

Don’t Forget To Do Your Research

This is the most important of all. Research and study will help you improve and have more command in every new approach.

“Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – you will know what is creating hype in an instant. A simple Google search will show which hashtag is making news in what country. And then you can use that with your brand in a better way,” states Darian.

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In order to meet your customers wherever they are, you need to grip your availability through every possible channel. Talk to them to get more insight. Show courtesy, and answer their distress.  

See, Decide & Implement

When there is so much going on, you can’t miss it. But, an influence to help you do better with your customers and business is the game plan. Technology is constantly evolving and changing. And, you are not on the top of your game, if you don’t know the facts-and-figures.

So, maybe sign-up today for newsletters or a PR mentor to be an all-rounder. See what your competitors are doing better than you, and try to improvise that to reach your target audiences. The first step is going to be difficult, but once you are in the race, nothing else matters!