Having a strong digital brand is crucial when it comes to having success online. While many tend to focus entirely on building successful digital brands, they fail to factor in mistakes to avoid in the process. This ultimately results in them destroying their digital brand slowly regardless of the amount of money or hours they put in building it.

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Digital Brand

In fact, many individuals end up destroying their digital brand even before they start building them due to these mistakes. Luckily, you can ensure you have a successful digital brand by simply avoiding these five common digital brand building mistakes.

Failing To Have A Detailed Plan In Place

Building a successful digital brand is something that requires organization. One way of ensuring you are organized throughout your digital brand building process is by having an overarching detail-oriented plan. In your overarching plan, include details like your day-to-day tactical plan. It should also include a step-by-step outline of how you plan to promote your digital brand building campaign. If you plan on using list building tools or any other marketing tools for your campaign, this is the place to list them down.

Having A Website That Is Average Or Below-Average

One way you can be able to clearly define your digital brand is through your website. Therefore, if you choose to have an average website or even worse, a below average website, then you are knowingly or unknowingly killing your digital brand. You can think of having an average or below-average website as equal to not having a website at all. Why is this so? Well, they both don’t improve your online presence. Hence, it is important to ensure that your website is up to current market standards. It should easily allow your audience to get to know you or what you are offering better.

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Having an above average website is also of great importance to anyone with a huge following on different social media platforms. It can be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or even Pinterest. Picture this, you have a new visitor on your site, he/she doesn’t know anything about your digital brand because he/she doesn’t follow you on any social media platforms. In such a situation, the only way this person can get to know your brand is through your website. If it’s an average or below average site, chances are high that they won’t learn enough to want to be your customer.

Over-Posting On Your Social Platforms

Over-posting is another common mistake company’s make when building digital brands. In the social world, over posting is like spamming and you don’t want to be spamming your followers. If you are over posting, two things are likely to happen. One, the value of your posts to your followers is going to decrease. As a result, your followers won’t take your posts seriously. Two, you are likely going to lose your social media followers and as such, your social media count will reduce.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take in order to ensure you don’t over post. For instance, you can limit the number of times you post on all your social platforms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, there are several social media marketing strategy posts and books online that‘ll not only advise you on when and how to post but also give you details on how to manage all your social media platforms.

Being Inconsistent With Your Online Branding

This is another common mistake to avoid when building your digital brand. A brand’s online presence that is inconsistent usually confuses its audience. Inconsistent online branding also creates a lack of trust between your digital brand and your audience.

Before making your first post be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even if you are sending a newsletter, make sure you have settled on things like your message’s tone, images you’ll use, colours, fonts etc. One way you can be able to be consistent is by settling on brand guidelines that’ll govern your digital brand.  Go with colours and even fonts that resonate with your brand. This way, your audience can easily identify your digital brand.

Over-Stretching On All Social Media Platforms

Over-stretching is another common mistake to avoid when building your digital brand. Don’t be tempted to have a presence in every social media platform. If you already have thriving social media accounts in different platforms, well and good, use them well to help build your digital brand.

Unless you’ve already cultivated a strong following on every social media platform, it is advised to only focus on two or three. It is likely that there are only a few platforms that can showcase your services or products best, and that are best depending on the social networks demographics breakdown. The social media platform you choose to settle on should be determined by the demographics of your audience, and one way you can be able to know the demographics of your audience is by using free social media analytics tools. In addition to your audience’s demographics, these tools offer a great deal of information about your social media accounts across all platforms. You can use this information to help make the process of building your digital brand a success.

Building your digital brand involves the investment of your money and time, so don’t let these 5 common mistakes weigh you down.