5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Attract Customers


If you are thinking of Facebook for the business, you may have also thought about the Facebook pages. However, have you joined any of the Facebook Groups? No? well, then consider about it as groups and pages go side by side for boosting the marketing efforts on Facebook.

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Groups can be a famous method for organizing and communicating a small number of people. There are many groups which are seen and are made to organize people for various social groups, events, and causes such as book clubs. However, Facebook groups are also a strong way of connecting with followers and customers or colleagues in the professional company.

As you start searching for the Facebook groups for joining, you can look for some that seen interesting but they may be closed groups. Never allow this distract you from sending a request for joining them.

A lot of Facebook groups which are usually closed ones but respond very fast as you send them requests for joining. These are kept closed just for keeping the trolls and spams out.

Following are 5 methods to join the Facebook groups which can increase value to the personal brand or business.

Facebook groups provide value to people in the industry

There is a group named as Ragan Social by Ragan Communications which serve as the place for the professionals for sharing their expertise. On that group, a member asked a fair and detailed question, while searching for the advice regarding how the shifting behaviors about the field the member works in: medical equipment in a home. The member got a handful of the thoughtful answers which, presumably, assisted her in finding few solutions for her experiment.

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Facebook groups help you in building a community

If you open a restaurant, or a grocer or a person who owns the tavern within Reno, Nevada. you would be keeping your eye on the events happening around you in extremely active foodies’ groups of Reno. There are conversations regarding the finest places of having a particular food, people look for the restaurants and recipes for trying, and search for the wine and beer recommendations. The Facebook group has got multiple posts which go up each day and usually, the conversations are pretty vigorous.

Facebook groups help you in promoting your product

With the pure help of social media in form of the promotional tool can be the no-no. you all know it. However, the company named as Post Planner created the group particularly focused at growing the number of users where they got a chance of sharing the content in a natural way. The crew of this company works on hand for answering the basic questions regarding their platform and giving the power to users for sharing their expertise and experiences.  Whenever it gets appropriate, the crew steers up the members also for posting blogs and other stuff.  

Facebook groups help you in building a brand ambassadors community

In a Facebook group, there exists a small amount of the members who perform a lot of the heavy lifting. This is a fact for a virtual world similar to the real world. Keeping your eye on users in the groups who can be the prospective brand ambassadors and also work for growing the relationships with you. Think of interviewing these users for the blog. Or, showcasing their services or products on your promotional pages (they will perform the same most likely). You can give them a look from behind the scenes about your products, services or culture. Thus they talk regarding you in public.

Facebook groups help in keeping you organized

As mentioned above, the groups on Facebook can be beneficial for the product promotion and community building, but it has a few inbuilt features also which make groups highly powerful. Following are three ways that can be useful:

  • Questions. Suppose that you plan for the social event for the group and you desire of knowing whether members have interest in a happy hour or a lunch. You can utilize the feature of the question for polling members regarding the preference, ask members for choosing from options of restaurants.
  • Events.As you got settled on deciding the type of event for hosting, use the Create Event option of Facebook for scheduling it and gather RSVPs. Simply click it – on the top right corner of the group, make an event by the drop-down options by including the details and then click Create. If the group has less than 300 members, you are allowed to invite every person to the event.
  • Files. You are able to post the files you would like to share with the group members like ppts and docs. Use Add file option or share the dropbox file’s links in a post.

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