Top GB WhatsApp features that might get you to use the app instead of the official WhatsApp


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GBWhatsAppis a mode application which is specially designed for WhatsApp Messenger. Gb WhatsApp is such an application which helps you to avail all the features offered by the WhatsApp messenger. There are even some additional features which are not present in the official Application of WhatsApp Messenger. Today we will tell you about a few features which the GBWhatsApp APK offers but not by WhatsApp Messenger.

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WhatsApp Messenger

Following are few of the features present in GBWhatsApp APK Mod. You will not find these in the original Application of WhatsApp Messenger:

When you are looking to record your voice, then you can record. Now, you do not need to hold the recording icon continuously present in the WhatsApp Messenger. And, also you can make an audio more than the specified limit in the original WhatsApp Messenger.

You can easily check for all those messages and notifications which you receive on your messenger. Additionally, you can even check for those messages which the people do not want you to see.

With the help of GB WhatsApp, you can easily play videos shared on WhatsApp Messenger on your personal music or video application in your Android device.

Suppose you want to send a message to any user at a particular time but do not have time to type the text and send him or her at the same time. For this, you can use the feature of auto schedule. This feature will help you to schedule a message beforehand. Later, GBWhatsApp automatically sends the message to the user at the scheduled time.

GB WhatsApp application is a must-have application for you if you love emojis. In this application, you will find an extended list of many emojis.

With the help of GBWhatsApp mode application, you can also use your WhatsApp account as a medium of payment as this application offers you a special feature of payments which allows you to share or receive payment directly to your bank account.

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The installation process of GB WhatsApp application for Android devices

Now you know all those features of GBWhatsApp APK which are not even present in WhatsApp Messenger so you might want to move further and install this application for the best experience. Therefore, here we have got you steps regarding how to install GB WhatsApp application in your Android devices:

First of all, uninstall the original WhatsApp messenger application in your device.

Look for online download links available for GB WhatsApp application and try to go only for original sources. GBWhatsApp is a very popular WhatsApp Messenger mode application and you will easily find the downloading links from original and trustworthy sources on the internet.

Once you are done where downloading this application, then allow your device to install it.

That is it the application is successfully installed in your website and now you can use it as a normal messenger application. So, what are you waiting for? Download and install this awesome application now.

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  1. Hi Rafi your absolutely right nowadays many people facing some problems in the official whatsapp. thanks for sharing this post with us i really like to read it.

  2. it is one of the amazing app. i have problems because i have two accounts this is the big problem for me to sign in and sign out. now i use both of them with this GBwhatsup. thanks for sharing this amazing app.

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