Do successful people work on weekends?


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Do you have to work on weekends? If the answer is positive, what does it really mean?

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There can be several main reasons for that:

You have strict deadlines and can’t cope with the whole amount of work in time.

Or you just can’t plan your workday effectively and waste your time on trifles instead of devoting it to some core things.

You have a secondary job and want to earn some more money in your spare time.

Or you love your work much, are full of new ideas and ready to indulge in realizing your projects nearly all the time almost without taking any rest.

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Successful People

The first three reasons out of all four above are not characteristic of successful people. If we study thoroughly the biographies of famous people that achieved a fabulous success, we will find, interestingly, that they all had some common features. And here we talk not only about their fortunes. These people became successful due to their professional achievements and influence on thousands of people in the world through their deeds. Great examples are Pope John Paul II, who was canonized as a saint in 2014, and Mother Teresa who was admired by many people because of her big heart and charitable work.

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As said Brian Tracy, a motivational public speaker and self-development author, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” What does a success habit mean? What are the habits of successful people and is it possible to gain success by obtaining some of their features and their way of life?

Habits of highly successful people include effective time management, like when you use EduBirdie UK to stop wasting your time and focus on things that are really important at this stage, and you will get tangible results rather soon.Laura Vanderkam who is an expert on time management wrote a book “What successful people do before breakfast”. Here are some pieces of advice she suggests:

Wake up very early. Many famous successful people were early risers or didn’t sleep much at all. If we woke up one hour earlier each morning, we would gain 15 days a year. We need only six or seven hours of sleep to get a good night’s rest. If we sleep more we just waste our life.

Start your day with physical exercises. Many famous personalities, no matter how busy they are, find time for doing some exercises at least several times a week. For instance, many famous actors practice yoga that is not only a physical but also a mental exercise.

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Use the early morning hours for focusing on the most important projects as at this time of the day nobody is likely to interrupt you and distract your attention. Indeed, one acquaintance of mine who is working from home considers these hours the most productive. She likes to get up early at 5 or 6 a.m. and manages to work two-three hours before the rest of her family wakes up.  

It is important to be passionate about your work and devote to it as much time as possible. The quote of the Confucius is the following: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Set a distinct goal and a plan for its achievement. The plan and thestrategic vision are very important for the success of any business as well as working out the details. Everything in this life is done step by step and nothing can be achieved at once. It is very important to set realistic goals and to stay positive if the results are not what you have expected.

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Find new ideas and get ready totranslate them into reality. There are people full of new interesting ideas but having no concept of implementing them. May be it is proper for them toassemble a team of enthusiasts able to realize their ideas. Even Nobel prizes are often awarded for common achievements. In 2017 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Rainer Weiss (one half), Barry C.Barish and Kip S.Thorne (the other half).

Become a leader of a team of enthusiasts. Teamwork is very important, but nothing can be done without a proper management. A good manager should also be a good psychologist and understand what task is the best for this or that person, and also be able to motivate the personnel.

Think what to do on weekends if you want to succeed.

Focus your attention and devote your time to your friends, family, and hobbies. Organize an interesting trip, a visit to a café or museum, going into the park or just having a barbeque in your backyard. Find your inspiration and encouragement during these 2 days for new ideas and new deeds.

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Don’t devote your long-awaited free time to washing things and cleaning the house, make your rest interesting and unforgettable.  Organize your work about the house in such a way that you can have the entire weekend for pleasant things.

In reality, most successful people don’t usually work on the weekends. It can only mean that they manage to find the right balance and do some unplugging and recharging togain strength for the coming week. Your business partners should know that you are out of reach and have a lawful rest. Let them call you only in the case of real emergency.

Try to feel positive about the coming Monday. Think about new interesting challenges, seeing your colleagues again, sharing with them your impressions about the weekend and realizing your new plans. Regard this new week as a new positive stage in your life.

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