Have you been hoping to make more money through the use of a home-based online business?  Are you less than satisfied with the revenue that your firm generated during the past year?  

If so,2019 could have great things in store if you know where to begin. While the basics are obviously important, it is just as critical to mention that some of the methods employed in the past might not be entirely appropriate for today’s marketplace.  What rules have changed?

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Are there any additional approaches that are set to provide quantifiable results in the coming months? Let’s take a quick look at what 2019 has in store as well as why it could be a good idea to update your e-commerce platform.

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How Has SEO Evolved in the Past Year?

Search Engine Optimization has been around in one form or another since the very dawn of the Internet and its premise remains the same.  You need to adopt certain approaches and practices in order to satisfy the Google overlords while targeting the appropriate audience base.  Having said this, SEO should now be approached in a slightly different manner.

In the past, many content marketers and business owners were mainly focused around how their business could rank higher within a search engine results page (SERP).  They honed their efforts around basic principles such as meta tags and keyword density. However, there was also a problem here. The majority of content seemed to have been written for “bots” as opposed to the human audience.  This caused text to become flat and rather unappealing. Readers would quickly become bored and as a result, a potential sale may have been lost before the engagement process truly ever began.

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This is why 2019 should focus around a more organic approach to SEO.  In other words, try to place yourself in the position of the website visitor.  What would keep your attention and what methods would turn you off to what is being offered.  Adding a more personalized touch to your content will help to encourage higher levels of engagement.  While this might appear to represent nothing more than common sense, you would be surprised to learn how many so-called “experts” have failed to appreciate such a concept.

Let’s also not fail to mention that SEO does not only involve static text.  Flash videos, graphics and similar form of multimedia will all serve to heighten the interest of visitors; particularly those who are accessing your site with a mobile phone and do not have the time to read through lengthy blocks of text.  

What About E-Commerce Solutions?

Adopting the proper SEO techniques is really only half of the formula for success.  You also need to possess the right e-commerce software if you ever hope to promote your enterprise to the fullest.  Are you happy with your current architecture? Ask yourself these basic questions:

– Do I hope to increase my revenue generation in 2019?

– Can my e-commerce package be easily upgraded if needed?

– Does it offer me a customizable means to make any necessary changes?

– Am I currently satisfied with the levels of customer support that are offered?

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If you have answered “no” to even a single one of these questions, the chances are high that it is time for a change. Keep in mind that e-commerce software should offer you an agile edge so that real-time adjustments can become a reality.  In the same respect, it needs to be advanced enough so that it is able to handle complicated tasks such as adding a new payment gateway or modifying your virtual storefront.  Not all bundles are up to the task in thee respects. While major names in the business such as Magento have been around for quite some time, the fact of the matter is that there are now alternatives to Magento Enterprise that you should be made aware of.

One package which is proving to be very popular with home-based business owners is Shopify Plus.  Not only is this system able to offer all of the most powerful e-commerce tools on the market today, but it is equipped with a user-friendly interface in order to provide you with clear and concise methods to make changes at the appropriate times.  It is always a good idea to check out this system in greater detail if you would like to learn more.

There is no doubt that we will witness a number of e-commerce changes in 2019 and the best way to become prepared for what is looming is to make changes sooner as opposed to later.  Whether you have established an online business as a means to secure a part-time source of income or this is your full-time position, it pays to be a winner.