12 Tools Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Before Launching A Career Online


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Online career, now-a-days, is the best career for the young generations to launch quick financial growth.

There was a trend in the near past, passing graduation course, seeking job related to the graduation subject, saving money and spend leisure time in the rest of life. Some people got the job but some did not. Among the job holders some people could change the situation quickly but some failed.

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With passive growth of the advancement of internet this situation has drastically changed recently. People have not the passion of doing job under any multinational company. They are very much passionate about their own business, own financial source, to say whole in a single a work, entrepreneurship.

People are using the features of internet to make done the available jobs posted by many employers in different platforms.

The reason why people are getting engaged with online works day by day is the availability of professional tools to accomplish task easily and smoothly. Potential talent people are adding more professional tools to make every single job done successfully.

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The most demanded and promising jobs are Website Designing, Quality Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Blogging and Business Presentations etc.

Want to know some name of best tools to start online career for yourself?

Here we go.

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Online Working Platforms

To start career in online world you have to get familiar with the online working procedures, online work environment and the professionals who are doing great through their skills, works, performance etc. Primary requisite is to open accounts in some popular outsourcing platforms or forums like Upwork, peopleperhour, freelancer etc.


Upwork upholds the best position of online platform where people from different sectors work together having different individual skill. Web developing, virtual assistance, mobile developing, writing, customer service agency, visual design, creative design, accounting and consultancy are the best required and demanding all over the world.


You can easily grab one sector and become professional one. People search for such skilled person all time for their business improvement. Some criteria that will empower you to work with Upwork are – over 1 billion work runs annually in this platform, 2.7K skills are available to share and hire, and more than 90% clients hire the same person for the second time. So, the real world demand is praiseworthy. Let’s start online career from onwards.


Here comes another giant platform where people work for professional category business persons. Here, very high rate professionals are available to work for dramatically changes for business. This platform provides best services for design, development, content and promotion sections.


Popular topics for design section are logo, icons, web pages, wireframes etc. PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Magento etc. are the best topics of development category. Content writing is a vital task for digital market and peopleperhour has the opportunity for providing best service platform globally.

12 Tools Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Before Launching A Career Online

You can choose any topic to work on.



A huge and larger freelancing site to get work done and participate in different world-class projects at the same time. Till now, over 18,000 freelancers are working their online jobs very efficiently in this site. Just create an account, make a lucrative profile, bid a job and start your online career. This is huge platform having 16+ million registered users and 8+ million projects. Why waiting? Just start your online profile.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff officially launched on September 30, 2016, and now has 7,126 freelancers that specialize in everything from computer science and coding to writing and marketing.No fees. No markups. No middlemen. This is the promise of Hubstaff Talent.

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CMS Tools


WordPress has added an extra boost to the online business owners. It brings the most user-friendly environment to manage business websites, business blogging, personal blogging etc. Recently it has been enriched with the responsive feature to make the website fit for all kind of devices.

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Personal and professional blogging has been easy to be started for anyone of any ages. It has both free and premium features according to the business requirements. It is embedded with some quality plugins to develop auto SEO features. Get more information about WordPress.

tools for freelancers


This amazing tool is generating $25+ billion transactions per year due to its e-Commerce features having 2, 40,000 international merchants. It provides solutions for all the complexities of e-Commerce business. The emerging demand for this tool is generating a number of online jobs in the popular marketplaces. Business is getting business, people are getting money. Know more.

 tools for freelancers

Text Editor


Atom is a text editor that’s modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file. You choose from thousands of open source packages that add new features and functionality to Atom—or build a package from scratch and publish it for everyone else to use.

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tools for freelancers

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is popular text editor especially who are technology lovers. This gorgeous tool gives the feature of manipulating fonts, style and proper indentations. It has programming language based preference. That means, it changes the syntax color according to the selection of language and make work smooth, saves time and creates features user-friendly.

tools for freelancers


After notepad, notepad++ has focused the indentation feature. Many languages don’t support indentation malfunction. Without proper indentation no program runs correctly. Notepad++ gives the feature of proper indentation with a single tab. It has more similar features like Sublime Text.

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tools for freelancers

File Sharing Sites

It’s a common need of each project to share files with team members, sometimes with specific clients, sometimes with both clients and the team members. Every critical project is not complete without information sharing. From this concept, could base file sharing system has been emerged in the recent days. These systems have the supportive features to edit files, save information automatically and update automatically from the both end.

Google Drive

Google drive, a tremendously used tool, is the most used file sharing tool gifted from Google. It’s an open source project and embedded with the email ID that works so fast and smooth.

Some regularly used file formats like doc, excel, ppt and text files are easily created, modified and managed with Google Drive. It saves some history of modification of any data, file or folder according to the users so that other shared members get concerned about the update.

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tools for freelancers


Dropbox is another blessing of cloud based software world. It provides unlimited storage facility through inviting more people to open account in this platform. Dropbox admin admits invitation and provide extra storage as gift. Isn’t it interesting?

File handling features are similar to the Google Drive. Check once.

tools for freelancers

Project Management Tools

To work maintaining professionalism, proper client relations, unwanted incidents cloud based project management software provide best supports for online professionals. Many software have been popular so far but some of these are amazing. Asana, Zoho, Trello and Producteev are such tools.

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Let’s have some idea on these tools to know how we can utilize our daily tasks. All the apps are responsive and tasks easily are maintainable both from PC and mobile.


For professionals from all online sectors, project management tool is very much essential for better performance, better team work, better client negotiation etc. Asana is mostly used cloud based tool to make comments, tags, knowing project status, getting notifications, sharing attachments etc. To meet real-time interaction Asana is the better user experience to work on. Have a try once!

tools for freelancers


In the corporate world Zoho is a well-recognized and better performed online tool to save time, work better, perform better. Zoho ensures inexpensive CRM feature and the quick deployment as well.

tools for freelancers


Like Asana and Zoho, Producteev has the features to manage project through convenient steps and better working environment online. It has the feature of making list of sub-tasks and deadline notifications. Priority based tasks are arranged well. It has also the labeling feature and each task shortcuts feature as well.

tools for freelancers

Whatever you work for, whatever you work with, you have to know about some basic tools before you start your career online to work efficiently and manage team, clients, ton of projects simultaneously. Get your favorite best tools to start online career.

Best of luck ! :)

P.S. If I missed any other important tools, please feel free to comment below and let me know!

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