“I always hated the nine-to-five timing of my dad. There was no fun but only work. A monotonous life full of nothing” says Spencer Mecham. He is an entrepreneur who loves to experiment daily with his work.

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But, on the other hand, he is also a loving and thoughtful father to his little girl. I, myself understand how hectic it can be if you just wake-up at 6 in the morning and leave for your day. Life feels dull and messy. So, being an entrepreneur was something that made sense to me as well. However, I’m not here to talk about my stuff, but Spencer’s today.

Spencer Mecham

The Adventures Of Spencer Mecham

This guy is super-amazing. He is not only pleasant but also intelligent. He is an Entrepreneur, Founder of Buildapreneur, Personal Finance Coach, Sales & Marketing Consultant, an author, a doting Father, and a loving husband. And, all these things helped in shaping what he is today.

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He says that “I hit the ground running as an entrepreneur at the beginning of last year. I already had a lot of talent in multiple fields of marketing. I had just never applied them to my own projects. In my first year as an entrepreneur, my business did 6 figures through a few methods. One was YouTube. I was the number one ranked video for how to buy bitcoin for most of the year. Another was through different affiliate marketing programs.”

His Ventures Carry On

With tons of talent and a brain like his, things were bound to change. The guy is compatible, devoted and caring for whatever he starts. Multiple handling of things and multitasking isn’t easy cheesy. But when there is a will, there is always a way.

Spencer happily adds “I built a list and ran ads through multiple channels and quickly rose to one of the top 10 affiliates of multiple programs. One of those programs I am in the top 10 of is, ClickFunnels. Which is a very notable affiliate program. I won my dream car in October as part of my efforts. It was fantastic. Now, I talk to entrepreneurs every day, who are just getting started. They have very little marketing or online experience, and my goal is to help them find their dreams successfully.”

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Spencer Mecham

Your Goals Define You

Thousands of people are launched daily in the showbiz, but only a few stay to charm us with their diversity. I personally adore George Clooney, the guy has got a charming personality even after decades of acting. He plans his acting into creating something diverse and unique. Similarly, I always plan and work on my goals. My to-do list is a never-ending effort for everything that I hold dear. You need to have certain  goals to define yourself.

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Similarly, Spencer Mecham is a man made of goals. He says that “My goal is to create a place where these beginners (many straight out of high school) can come and quickly figure out which path best represents them. And, then get them to the best possible resources. Whether it is eCom, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, agency work, etc. my goal is to quicken the process. In this way, they won’t have to spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars sorting through crap and buying courses that don’t help them.”

Learn From Experience

Being in thick-and-thin of action has thought Spencer tons of things. He wanted to be successful not because he had the taste of success. But, because he wanted to be around his baby girl when she took her first step or when she laughed for the first time. He hated leaving her and going to a boring office desk. So what was his action plan? He decided on building a brand which was workable from anywhere, anytime.

He simply sits in his lounge now and does his work from home. He enjoys quality time with his family and earns in 7 figures. And, behind all this is his different idea of success. The looney tunes are for those who don’t want to be different or think out of the box.

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He says “Next year my business will most likely do 8 figures through affiliate marketing, training courses, YouTube, and coaching. I love to teach what I know and all of these fit nicely into my work routine. Now I’m available 24/7 for my little munchkin, and also providing enough for my family.

He Initiated Buildapreneur

“I want every entrepreneur to know about my brand. I would like to bring thousands of people seamlessly into the world of entrepreneurship. I want to hasten their success because this world is awesome,” says Mecham.

Like I said above, there has to be a will if you want to achieve something. Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. If Mecham here can be a family-oriented guy along with being successful, so can you.

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The first step to fly is what Mecham is offering you. His brand is all about building successful entrepreneurs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Abraham Maslow projected this theory back in 1943. It is a psychology-based idea to understand humans’ native inquisitiveness. Spencer has applied this theory to his brand. In simple, it means that the basic needs of humans are fulfilled. These things are like food, water, and ultimately get up to stuff like self-worth and determination.

At Buildapreneur, it’s all about how to shape and guide you if entrepreneurship is something you want to do. There is no nine-to-five working or only weekends as off in the entrepreneur domain. You act smart and work smart here. And, Mecham will help you achieve your goals with complete attention. He loves to teach new things and plans different ideas every day for his students.  You can check-in today for a one-on-one class with Spencer Mecham and see for yourself how this guy is the best at what he does.