I’m an entrepreneur, social media marketer, and growth hacker specialist. There are many things that I need to take care of. And, sometimes I need things done as quickly as I can. Thus, I came to know about Social Aider. It is a company with the one-roof management of everything that I need.

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Let it be a software development, website designing, and launching or Facebook management – Social Aider is the best help I could ever dream of. Not only this, these guys are able to automate all of my social media platforms through one dashboard. Let me tell you how you can get the benefits by using Social Aider today. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram -and much more is manageable with one click!

Social Aider

The Genius Minds Behind Social Aider

Just like the quote that, “ there is a strong woman, behind every successful man” – so is the case of me and a lot of my other client’s success. Social Aider is just like your better half. And, this is exactly what every active and broad dimensional businessman needs. Digitalization is the key to success, no matter what nice you belong to. And, this company offers you the exact tools that you need. In this way, you not only get cost-effective solutions for every of your concern but also some brilliant minds to cater all of your business requirements.  

Social Aider Will Automate Everything

Social Aider

Gone are the days when you had to post manually. It is 2018, and you need automation in everything. A businessman doesn’t have time to sit and post on every single platform. I used to take time off from everything else daily, and sit and think about what I wanted to share with my followers.

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Then, it had to be done manually on every social media platform. This, trust me is a lot hectic then it sounds. But now, with Social Aider I only log in to my account. Set up the post that I want to publish on each social media account and – DONE!

Scheduling Was Never So Easy!

Social Aider

The best part about an automated platform is that you can schedule what you want and how you want on any platform. Posting and sharing public feeds is like just sitting next to my laptop, and with a click, everything is completed. Instead of taking time to think about how it needs to be published, now I only think about what content I need to share. Influencers everywhere around the globe will easily relate to this trouble of mine. But, Social Aider is the ultimate guide for all of your and my social media requirements and needs.

Design Your Own Social Calendar

Social Aider

A calendar to deal with everything sounds like a fair deal – isn’t it? For example, I want to share an important update on LinkedIn on Monday, and Sunday needs to be the day to share all the fun news on Facebook – I simple plan up against the dates and set the schedule on my Social Aider dashboard. That’s all. And, next, I see is the post live on my chosen date, time and platform.

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Discover The New Trends Of Your Market

Social Aider

Keyword planning and searching is another big task that you have to accommodate. So is the research of your specific niche, and what your competitors are doing. With Social Aider, you get the Discover Feature to do everything you want with unlimited access to the latest trends. create content, endorse a new hashtag – and you’re all set! This is something that every other brand is doing, and so can you. No need to hire a multi-purpose social media management team – contact Social Aider, and build your own customized package.

Unlimited Is The New Hype Of The SSM World

Social Aider

Every dollar that you invest in your business has a significant importance. A lot of cellular companies are giving you a data cap on every net package that you use. And, that is frankly a lot of trouble then the money invested. We all want something worthy of our money with unlimited options. That’s what Social AIder is offering you now. You can add unlimited social media profiles in the dashboard, and use them as you like. The software is user-friendly and with a constant upbeat towards technology. This is something I would happily invest in, as I know how this can impact my overall ROI.  The features come with unlimited awesomeness too. Like:

  • In-Built Image Editor
  • Bulk RSS Scheduling
  • Bulk Upload
  • Video / Image Upload
  • Curated Content

My Clients Love What I Do For Them

Social Aider

Like I said above, I’m a growth hacker and marketing manager for a lot of my clients. Earlier it was a lot of work to manage each and every client’s social media posts. But, now with Social Aider I just relax and update the calendar for all of my clients through the dashboard.

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This in return gets me the time to manage everything else on my plate, and also keep my clients happy. I can easily post 200 posts ( even more) according to the specific timezone for each and every client of mine.

I Don’t Mind The Extra Toppings

Social Aider

When you place an order for your favorite pizza, the extra topping sounds quite mouthwatering. So is the case with Social Aider and its extra help. There are many things that can go wrong while posting a social post, like:

  • Grammar
  • Typos
  • Wrong file attachment

And because of these HUGE errors, you need to delete that post before your audiences can see it. With Social Aider, this big a problem is not a concern anymore. I can delete and upload as I like to as I want. This has given me an immense relief about worrying and going back-and-forth with social media marketing. Since I started using Social Aider, my brain has started working towards more opportunities to create diverse strategies. I’ll suggest you all to also connect with them, and relax with public posting and enjoy thinking new ideas.