“After Facebook marketing being a huge success, businesses have started going towards Instagram from the past couple of years,” says Anatoly Noskov, the founder of Snoopreport. He further says, “Thus, I had to do something with this crazy idea of snooping data and user-engagement details for digital marketing on Instagram, and I got to make Snoopreport.”

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Anatoly Noskov is the brains behind this awesome idea which I got to know recently. I, being a digital marketer myself understand the importance really well. And, so far nothing much has been done around developing apps and reports around Instagram. Thus, Snoopreport is one-of-a-kind platform.


Wait, Let Me Tell You More

Instagram is quite likely the second-most used social media site nowadays. It has around 700,000 million users as of now, and not using them for your business and link building purposes is a big loss. If you’re a new startup or an existing business, Instagram provides you the best platform to connect, link, and advertising.

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However, sadly this great podium has no data mining tool to process consumer information in the best manner. Thus, you get Snoopreport, which is the world’s only Instagram tool that tracks Instagram’s user actions: likes, comments, and followings.

Anatoly adds, “We provide user activity data in individual and group data on weekly and monthly reports. It’s an ultimate source of insights, the best way to target influencers, understand customer’s needs, and discover competitor’s growth strategy on Instagram and much more.”

Snoopreport Knows How To Help You Better

“We assist the professional community of social media and digital marketers, analysts, researchers, brands and bloggers in analyzing the competitors and customers behavior,” adds Noskov.  Business, no matter big or small requires the ultimate edge of tracking, charting and reporting thoroughly.

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If you get a platform, where all of this can be done without much of a hassle, then it’s like a dream come true.


But of course, Anatoly knows that individual users need more than anything to track their kids. So he also planned for them thoroughly too. If you are a parent, then you can get a valuable experience with his service.  By using Snoopreport, you’re able to monitor your children and friends on Instagram.

Anatoly Has Big Plans

This guy has some really smart brains for every type of user and consumer. His action-plan is not about just starting something and leaving it as it is. He plans some big details for the future of digital marketing and reporting.

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Here is what you can get from Snoopreport in a nutshell:

  1. Collection of specific data in a few minutes
  2. Tracking and monitoring of public accounts
  3. Weekly and monthly surveys for user behaviors, and trends
  4. Detailed analysis of current market flow of Instagram Users

“We plan to grow our Snoopreport community and develop the service by adding new metrics in our reports and strategically we want to be the go-to data provider for digital marketing. As it’s much cheaper than polls or panel research and way more accurate. Tracking user actions instead of asking them what they prefer is a future of research according to me and my team, thus I will explore it more, states Noskov.

Why Choose Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a phone, desktop, and Internet-based photograph-sharing application and service. Gone are the days, when a simple banner used to stir the public attention, new techniques, platforms, methods are applicable to the millennial generation.

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And these guys, just love to snap, post, like and share things. These Gen-Y people love to blend-in and create new things, like #instapost, #TBT, #wonderinghowicameaboutit.

Now, this is how they want to connect with your business. And, they love it when you make or use unique trends and details to get attention. Thus, Instagram provides you the million dollar opportunity to reach your customers where they are in seconds.


Snap Pictures & Share Your Story

All the bloggers, writers, and techs will agree with me. Pictures, videos, and snaps are the best tools to interact with your customers. The better the pic, the grander the response. Things go viral within the minutes of posting. Your marketing team can create your brand hashtag to get more public attention. However, if your business is not one of those 8 million Instagram registered accounts, then it’s a shame. If you were not using it till now, then join today and see the results of my advice.

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How Can Anatoly Help You On Instagram?

“About 60% of the Instagram user’s rank within 18 to 25 age group. If you apply these demographics to your marketing strategy and target this age crowd, you’re building a worthwhile brand audience”, states Noskov.

It’s the apt approach of building a strong fan-following and brand exposure. Thus, you can use and employ Snoopreport to check how your competitors are targeting the same niche consumers. You get statistic info to define the best approach to outshine others.

Don’t Forget The Content

Till date, I’ve seen businesses who lose customers, because they didn’t generate captivating content. Instagram marketing tools with the strong content base are the best approach to generate lifetime clients. Strong content is like creating a foundation for your brand and its identity.

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Your customers love reading about you, only if you know how to engage them. Thousands of businesses are born daily and similarly are forgotten daily. It’s not about just posting random photos or videos. The trick is to add and use strong user-based-and-liked content, then use Instagram to share it with your followers. They will come back to just see and like it.

Try Snoopreport Today To See Your Audience

Not many tools out, there will be reliable. But, with Snoopreport, you get the peace of mind because it is one-of-a-kind platform. You can use it on Instagram to promote your brand better, and with great insight. Plus, a perfect way to engage with consumer-used hashtag stories to generate links to your website and blog.

Anatoly quotes, “I’m here to help however I can. Reporting will allow you to find the root cause of failure, and plan better.” Well, yes, Noskov is correct about planning. So, tell me if you got your business account registered with Instagram to see your sales funnels success?