Alec Friel is the president and founder of Prosperity Flow LLC. He is also the author of “The Millionaire’s Apprentice: From Poverty To Prosperity.”  And, he is also a skilled and expert coach in various fields like; Wellness, Business and Mindset Coaching, and Personal Training. But, this was not how life got him where he is today.


The struggle, hard work, and failures thought him many things. However, he is a fighter who wants to live his life as he wants and do things his way. Being self-employed is not a cup of tea for everybody, but this millennial knew that’s exactly what he wants to do from the start. Today, you’ll get to know his struggles and achievements through this article. And, he is here to share his story to give you a reason to always hope for the best.

Alec Friel

A Single Mother Child, Born With Ambition

Alec has seen struggles from a very early age. A parent figure is someone you can depend on, ask for guidance and learn to override failure. But, in Alec’s case, this was something he never saw or felt. The life of a small boy, looking for love got hardships as a welcome call. He says,” I grew up in Southwest Michigan in a single mother household. My mom to this day lives on welfare and food stamps. I have 5 siblings with 4 different men. I saw at an early age what it was like to struggle, to just get by, to pray for miracles to happen, and live through the same cycle year after year.”

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However, all of this never failed him or his courage to outdo himself in everything. The focus or the bull’s eye for him has always been to do better and deliver well. This is what he is offering to every single client of his with complete coaching classes. And, this quality of his, is also giving him continuous success.

The Self-Made Millionaire Aunt

Alec Friel didn’t just climb the ladder of success with some over-night tips. He has carefully paved his business over many years. Despite having a disturbed parenthood, he never failed to amaze even himself. Similarly, if you also are going through the same phase, just see the people around you. They are also fighting negativity and trying to build their lives. In this case, Alec Friel found a learning curve from his aunt, who surprisingly is his mother’s sister.

He further shared that,” My aunt, who is also my mother’s sister is a self-made millionaire and is very successful with what she does. At a young age, I realized many differences in their mindset, daily routines, and focus on things. I was able to learn that everyone can change their life based on some simple decisions practiced every day. As years passed and I excelled in sports and academics and obtained student loans to get me into college. I attended Michigan State University for 3 years, studying human biology, and at $50,000 in debt decided to start a business.”

The Debt That Changed His Life

Like I said above, failures and struggles make you what you’re. Either you learn from them and do well, or either you simply turn out to be a failure. Whatever the reason, you get this life once, and you’ve to do everything that you can to make it successful. Failures are for weak people. And, strong ones, like Alec Friel – pave their own story of success. With a debt of $50,000.00 crashing over his nerves, Alec found his motivation to grow big and build a business to stay debt free.

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Friel shares, “Very quickly I began creating a movement around a healthy energy drink and was able to turn consumer’s opinions around their mindset, health, and wealth. In a few short years of working this business, I created lifelong friendships that to this day are creating leverage in my personal and professional career. I highly encourage people to find mentors who have exactly what you seek to achieve and to receive in your life and be consciously aware of “Who you listen to.” As a young entrepreneur, I found the right away that people go through the entrepreneurial roller coaster and many never stay on the ride long enough to experience everything that the ride can offer. Most of the time it is much more rewarding than leaving the ride.”

Alec Friel

The Smart Idea Of The Smart Guy

The general rule of thumb for problems is to kill them with your hard work and consistency. Even if you’re a startup or a struggling business person – the way you handle issues and create ideas out of it change everything. It might be a bit difficult at the start which is obvious, but continuous effort gets you ultimate freedom of choice, and success as well. Here, you can see the real-life example Alec Friel, he never stopped. In fact, he is unstoppable.

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Friel shares, “In the summer of 2015 I was inspired by an idea. The idea was to develop a software program that is able to provide daily personal development to increase the way that people feel about themselves and their ability to receive and deserve a better life through a personal mental belief system. I believe perspective, and your paradigm is everything in this world. One minor or major shift in philosophy can completely change your life forever. And the second part of that idea was to build Automation Relationship Management between the business and customers. I knew we are in a very special time of human civilization, and I had to do something different to surpass other competitors.”

The Initiation Of Prosperity Flow LLC

Alec says, “Technology should be taken advantage of and there is so much more than we can do that we have not discovered within the artificial intelligence fields of energy, augmented reality and so much more. I wanted to simplify communication, increase production for business owners, and use automation to predict future results.

He wanted his company to give direction initially when going from an employee to a business owner. “Yes, that’s what my starting idea was about, simple things like, where to begin, how to do it right, what to look out for through the process, and provide a greater understanding of all the benefits that come with being a business owner.

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This is where I started my first tech company “Prosperity Flow.” People in many industries are benefiting from this CRM and now you can benefit too. Through the process of learning a few of these skills I also became an insatiable investor who is consistently looking for people, companies, and opportunities to invest into,” states Friel.

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Being an entrepreneur, I understand the struggle, failure, and success. This highly contagious occupation has taught me a lot about other people. There is a reason why I share with all of you a bright star on weekly basis. Because there is something new that you’ll learn from every struggle story and never lose hope. Alec Friel is a mentor that we all can happily get benefit from. His confidence, charisma, and personality are contagious, and people who always fail can learn something from his story today. You too can be the next bright start of my blog. Pen me with your success story and what you have to offer as a take-home message, and I’ll share it in my next blog post.