A successful personal rebrand is a tough job that not many individuals can attain. Many brands have had to re-establish themselves. However, earlier a brand was associated with companies only, but now everyone tries to make a personal brand for themselves. A successful personal rebrand is a dream come true, only if you add consistency to your efforts. The current climate of uncertainty means current younger generations wish to buy into a company they trust. Companies need to be transparent if they are to succeed. Examples of such success stories include Burberry, Gucci, Bucherer, and Chanel. Let us see what’ll you need to establish a successful personal brand in today’s tough competition.

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Successful Personal Rebrand Needs Focus

Successful Personal Rebrand

Think of yourself as a brand first. This is something that will let your clients associate with you.  A goal or motto should be defined with what you want to achieve, and how your clients can relate to your brand’s image. Every successful personal rebrand out there has a strong and defined brand image. So work on building a brand image with your audiences. It should be something they can proudly share within their social circle.

Understand What Your Clients Need

Successful Personal Rebrand

Authentication is your key to making a successful personal rebrand. Just imagine how fake can make things go wrong in your personal experience. Would you want to relate to somebody who says something else and do the total opposite of it? You would straightaway discard that person or business.

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Similarly, your audiences are mature and want you to be authentic and clear about who and what your brand is all about. People automatically connect with the ones they think are like them. And, for a successful personal rebrand, the case isn’t that tough to make two plus two. They also want to connect with a business that can make them feel proud of the association.

Knowledge Is Power – Use It In Your Communication

Successful Personal Rebrand

Have you ever seen how politician talk about their future goals during their election campaigns? So is the case of building your successful personal rebrand. Speak about who you’re as a company, and what you can do if your audiences click on your services. Your to-do list is to stand-out differently in the crowd. The spokesperson on behalf of your brand should be knowledgeable about the current trends in your niche. And, you’ve to focus more on the communication part, as this will allow the audience to listen you better. Communicate as much as you can, but with knowledge and actionable stuff.

Social Media Interaction Is IMPORTANT To Stay Connected

Successful Personal Rebrand

Every person on this planet is using social media in one form or two. There are others, who are available on every platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat – al have billions of users. If your brand isn’t available on social media, then you don’t exist for your audiences.

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They want to see what you post, Tweet your #movement, and see your business insight. So, a social media profile is the best way to stay on top of your game when you want to build a successful personal rebrand. These platforms give your customers a quick insight into your business ideology, and how good you’re with your social skills.

Websites, E-commerce Sites, And Content Play A Major Role

Successful Personal Rebrand

All the big brands out there have their own personal websites, e-commerce outlets, and the blog a lot. People don’t have time to skim through newspapers and flyers anymore. They want to connect with your brand with just a click now. They also want to do lots of online shopping and ordering. So, once you start working on developing a successful personal rebrand, don’t forget building a user-friendly website.

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Give discounts on online orders. Try COD as an attraction. Your customer support should be well planned and full of empathy. Let your customers trust you with your out of the box approach to handling crises. Lastly, blog more and more about current market trends, and how connecting with your brand can solve almost all of their issues. Online buying success will get you thousands of review and five-star ratings. This will play a major role when it will come to your success story.

The Revamping Of Gucci Successful Personal Rebrand

Gucci is one of the hottest brands with the celebrities. This brand is a successful personal rebrand and does things differently than the other competitors.  The creative director, Alessandro Michele is enchanting every blogger, industrialists, writers, celebs with his powerful new designs. His ideas are unique and noteworthy, and thus Gucci was revamped with a fresh new presentation on the international fashion market. Everyone loves to get associated with the brand because of its unique designs, courteous customer services, and social connections.

Rebranding Of Chanel, The Fashionista Fashion House

Successful Personal Rebrand

Coco Chanel was all about fashion, her thoughts were limitless and beyond the usual norms of the fashion industry. She made Chanel be the leading stars of the 20th century with her unique fashion sense. But, she was far from jeans and mini skirt fashion styling. And after her death, Karl Lagerfeld, a German businessman – the brand has revamped its image on the fashion industry. The original ideology was far from mini skirts and jeans. But now, the brand is one of the top successful personal rebrands in every department. Like:

  • Ready-to-wear clothing line
  • Jewelry from pearls to chains
  • Haute couture

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Bucherer  Coming -In With A New Face

Successful Personal Rebrand

For the past 130 years, Bucherer has been famous for being a successful family-owned business. It is till date recognized for its innovative approach. The foundation was laid by Carl F. Bucherer in Switzerland. And, it was recognized as Lucerne’s first-and-foremost jewelry and watch shop. With changing trends, the company has revamped its brand image, and are once again quite famous for the innovative approach. The brand doesn’t want to be known as just any other SHOP. they want to give their customers the ultimate buying experience instead of being plain-out sold to feeling.

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 The thing they used to revamp their brand image is quite unique. They allow their customers to operate as curators. And, source them with the most exquisite watches on the planet. Instead of just displaying their watches, they exhibit them. Further, to enhance the buying experience, they the world’s finest brands. This allows the customers to select and choose from one of the widest selection of exceptional brands. And, usually, these pieces are often hard to be sourced.

Burberry Made The News With Its Rebranding Too

Successful Personal Rebrand

Another example of a successful personal rebrand is Burberry. The brand lost its fan-following because of typical stereotype fashion sense. Thomas Burberry was famous for his strong marketing sense. Once Christopher Bailey got involved with Burberry, the brand suddenly got the fashion appeal in the new fashion world. The unique style, different designs,  live streaming of fashion shows and digital engagement came as an important part of revamping the brand. The then CEO Angela Ahrendts was open to challenges. Till now, the brand has been able to hold its place through innovation and technology. Their image is strong with diverse and fast-forward audacity.

How Can You Make A Successful Personal Rebrand?

Successful Personal Rebrand

The answer is simple, yet challenging. Technically speaking, by following suit. If you’ve lost your space due to any of the above factor being missed, you can still come back in the race through revamping your public image. Start fresh with innovation and a strong dare. Think about making a change instead of finding one. The moment you click with that sense of independence and clarity in your brand – people will love your brand. A successful personal rebrand is the outcome of hard work, audacity and forward-facing mindset. Write to me if you have a success story of revamping your brand. Let us tell your story together to the world out there.