Real Time analytics refers to the ability to view data as it happens. New technologies have made it  possible for business owners to get instant access to information, which provides several advantages. Not so long ago, people had to wait a significant while before getting actionable intelligence to use when creating strategies.

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Such inconveniences mean working with statistics that are weeks behind, which can influence the effectiveness of your campaigns. It means that the solutions you are implementing are for problems that may no longer be a factor.

Real Time Analytics

One thing any business owner can count on is that consumer behavior changes by the day. Habits that are popular this week may cease to be in the next one. Real-time data allows you to keep up with the here and now, consequently creating marketing strategies that are geared for success.

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Instant information shows you what matters to your clients, so you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on elements that don’t add value to your business. Google Analytics is one of the tools that marketers use to gather data on customers. A look at the features that come with the real-time report gives you an idea of what to anticipate when using another web analytics dashboard.


There is an overview section on the GA real-time report, which is a summary of everything that is going on your site. From the overview section, you can see how many visitors are on your site. The number of visitors gives you a glimpse into the popularity of a website.

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Besides that, you get to see the pages that interest users the most. There are always pages that attract more visitors than others and analyzing them gives you an insight into what you are doing right. It is a chance to polish your landing pages and get the most out of them. The other element that you get on real-time is the top traffic sources. Knowing where your highest level of traffic is generating from gives you a blueprint of where to focus your efforts.

Real Time Analytics


Real-time analytics also provide information about the countries from where most of your traffic is originating. The benefit of this data is that you can structure campaigns to cater to the cultural, social, and economic preferences of your highest markets. Analyzing consumers by country of origin is one of the most effective means of creating a campaign because most regions have distinct traits.

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For example, if you find that you have 50% of consumers from a Spanish-speaking country, you can enable multiple language features on your site to facilitate easier interactions.

Real Time Analytics Conversions


A Real-time web analytics dashboard that indicates conversions as they happen lets you see which goal your strategies are meeting. For instance, if you have set a conversion target within a given period, you can find out if your site is meeting them instantly.

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If the goal is to have visitors make it to your company blog, you can watch how many complete the action when they get on your site. You can also monitor the path that online users take before they accomplish a particular goal. Real-time conversions are an excellent way of tracking how a new promotion is doing, and the results generated.

Real Time Analytics Event


Marketers use a lot of events to interact with online visitors. Options such as videos, podcasts, GIFs, and Vines have become every popular when advertising. With real-time analytics, you can find out the performance of individual events.

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Users have different preferences, and you may find that some prefer your online tutorial videos while others like the podcasts better. A real-time report can tell you the events to concentrate on and the ones that are just wasting your budget. It is less complicated to customize your website features this way.

Real Time Analytics Content


The material one each page is what influences the engagement that visitors show. Naturally, a page with high-quality content that connects with users proves more effectual. You can tell how well a page is doing by the number of visitors and the time spent on it.

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If your real-time reports show that visitors are spending more than five minutes on a particular blog post, it means that they are taking the time to read it. You can then analyze the contents of that post and see what it offers that other don’t real-time analytics will show the number of “active viewers” which is different from passive viewing.

How to Benefit from Real Time Analytics

Getting real-time reports from your web analytics dashboard is one thing and capitalizing them is another. Tracking temporal campaigns is one avenue you can take with your reports. Traditionally, historical data has proven effective in providing a proper analysis of a marketing campaign.

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However, projects that are highly temporal can do with some real-time information. Social media marketing is the biggest beneficiary of this concept because marketers look at the reaction of users.

For example, if you have a new campaign on Twitter and want to see how it is fairing, real-time data is the best way to do that. By looking at the immediate reactions of your target audience such as retweets and mentions, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.


Real Time Analytics Benefits

Using data from real-time analytics, you can run instant A/B tests for the areas on your website receiving high traffic. For example, if you are not sure about the shopping cart application to utilize on your site, you can start by testing one, seeing its functioning and then checking the other. The reason this works with high traffic regions is that a significant amount of data is necessary to draw important conclusions.

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Accessing real-time data when doing web analytics has been made easy with the availability of numerous applicators. With the use of SaaS , website owners don’t even have to pay to have applications installed directly. SaaS software enables you to save further on expenses as you gather the necessary information to customize your marketing campaign and polish your website features.

Ensure that you concentrate on gaining actionable intelligence from your real-time data if you are to benefit from it. Remember that you may need more than instant data to make informed decisions.