Leads are considered to be the lifeblood of your sales and marketing efforts and if you can reach out to the right audience it should help you to convert more that interest into solid sales.

If you are looking to get more qualified leads there are a few proven strategies that should be on your radar.

Here are some ways to fill your sales funnel with leads who are showing a keen interest in doing business with you.

Encourage them to engage with opt-in options

There are numerous ways to draw a potential lead in and once you have some sort of interest and dialogue under way it is essential that you develop ways to ensure you are given permission to continue and develop that sales relationship.

A great way of doing that is to work on giving them a choice of tempting opt-ins, such as signing up for free reports, for instance, or access to some useful resources.

A good tactic would be to make the opt-in box a pop-up so that the person is given an easy opportunity to confirm their acceptance.

Work on your landing page

It goes without saying that the landing page on your website is of paramount importance and you need to maximize your chances of converting visitors into customers.

Try to take an unbiased view of how your landing page looks if it is the first time you have seen it and make sure that the pages are clear and concise with their message.

You also need to make sure that the landing pages make it straightforward and simple to take action on.

Stand out from the crowd

Some landing pages enjoy phenomenal success and have conversion rates that are well above average, so what are they doing differently to achieve this level of success?

The problem is often that you might be offering something that is readily available elsewhere, such as free trials or consultations, for example.

If the reader can get the same offers elsewhere it dilutes the strength of your message and that is why it often pays to find a way to offer something better and different to your rivals so that you stand out from the crowd.

Aim to hurt your competitors

A great way of generating quality leads is to develop a strategy that involves targeting your competitors’ customers.

The way to do this would be to use Gmail Ads and take advantage of the tools it offers that can help with your quest to hone in on your target audience, at the expense of your competitors.

Look at targeting keywords and phrases that are being used by your main rivals and once you have that marketing intelligence at your disposal, add them as target keywords in order to draw in sale targets that would otherwise head over to another rival site.

This tactic will help you to reach an audience that you already know should be interested in what you have to say.

If you want your software company to stand out from the crowd can you afford not to deploy these proven tactics?