Nerdy Predictions: What To Expect in Social Media Platforms after 10 Years?


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Social media is practically everywhere. It runs our lives, and it helps us connect with all our friends and family. The funny part about social media is that even if we are home alone, it can take us to another place and connect us with a variety of people with a push of a button or a simple swipe. Basically, with all this interaction in the palm of our hand, we are never alone or in one place.

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Social media also plays a huge part in helping businesses grow and expand as well as helping people to become famous and well-known. Because of the advancement in technology and our constant obsession towards social media, there will definitely be a phenomenal change in the platform after ten years.

Even the nerdy experts have made the prediction, and if you are curious about what to expect, here are some ideas to get you excited.


In the past, everyone would go to the mall to hang out or shop for their favorite attire. Because of social media, e-commerce has become the rising success to replace our shopping malls. E-commerce utilizes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement in social media to get people’s attention to click and explore their shops. Often times, these PPC ads are extremely targeted to get interested customers to the e-commerce site.

For example, if you have been searching for sports gear online, then your Facebook will most likely show you e-commerce advertisement that is geared toward sports and athletics. Eventually, E-commerce will begin to dominate the social media industry. In fact, people can utilize social media platforms to create shopping malls and stores so users can shop online while browsing other people’s profile. That means you will not need websites like Shopify or WordPress anymore. Instead, your main website would be your social media page.

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Becoming more personal

Facebook and Twitter have made things very personal where people can post their thoughts and writings for everybody to see. Instagram has taken it a little further by allowing people to post images and hashtags. The idea of writing in a personal diary is going out the door. Social media has made it easier for people to be more personal with each other. For example, you can anonymously post a story, event, or something personal on social media so other people can read it.

Now, to become even more personal, people can now live stream themselves to talk about their day or what they have gone through and experience an astronomical number of users going in to watch and comment the live stream. Basically, The social media platform is advancing towards providing the tools for people to share their private and personal life to the world. That means, other viewers and users can virtually live your life with you.

Forget resume, it’s the followers that counts

The traditional way of hiring a potential employee is reading a resume and inviting them to an interview. As time goes by, social media is the mainstream for hiring potential employees. In the future, employees are not judged by the qualification of their work experience or education; they will be judged on the number of followers and subscribers that they have on their platform.

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This means that an employee is considered valuable if they become an influencer or an expert at a certain field to the point of providing exceptional knowledge that captivates millions of subscribers, followers, and commenters. In fact, in order to survive, you might have to buy YouTube subscribers on Social Media Daily to keep you on top of the competition. For example, if you are applying for a job as an SEO specialist, your employer would not care much about your previous work, certificates, and education that is listed professionally on your resume.

In fact, he or she will go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see how many followers and subscribers that you have. They will read your posts and videos on SEO and see how engaging your content is for viewers out there. If you have over millions of viewers, likes, and followers, then you will be considered for a job. This type of change can be very bad for newly graduates, but good for someone who is social media savvy and streetsmart.

Becoming a celebrity

Becoming a celebrity means you would have to be famous and well-known through appearing on TV, being an actor or actress, or becoming a model. In the past, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a celebrity. Just look at Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitts, Jennifer Aniston, and other top celebrities, they had to audition and play a unique role on TV to garnish all these attentions and opportunities.

However, in 10 years, all of this will definitely change. Because of the advancement of the social media platform, practically everyone can become famous just by sitting on their couch. All you have to do is point your iPhone camera at yourself and say something funny, showcase your talents, take pictures of your dog, or do something, and you can easily reach a million of people. In fact, if you take the initiative to keep posting a variety of things in your life, you can easily get noticed by a community of people and become an instant celebrity.

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As time goes by, becoming well known and popular does not require a lot of work. Because of social media, you can spread your name, thoughts, feelings, and talent to the world without having to go through the grueling auditions that celebrities in the past would have to go through. Who knows, you might be able to be as famous as Lindsay Lohan without lifting a finger.

In the future, the social media platform will change phenomenally. It would change the way we interact with people in our daily lives. It will change the way we market and expand our business. It will also change the entertainment industry by making it easier to become famous and well-known. Our personal thoughts and feelings would no longer be a secret anymore.

Every post is like writing a diary, and every live stream will become a way for people to get closer to us. Everyone’s life will eventually be like a reality tv show. The word lonely or being alone will no longer exist because we can quickly get access to everybody’s life in the world through the palm of our hands. Social media platform would no longer be just a simple tool to share photos and stories, but it will be a way of life.

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