Mathieu Picard Shares The “HOW” For Lead Generation For Sales


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Everyone in the business field is concerned about lead generation and to master the tips for more sales daily. There are thousands of details, articles, lectures sprawled over the net about this strategy.

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But, none will actually tell the basics revolved around this phenomenal method. A lot of my readers have requested some clear-cut insides on lead generation.

Lead Generation

So, I thought why not get you some direct expertise from the man himself. Yes, I’m talking about Mathieu Picard. He is the CEO of Anyleads, an influencer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, and growth hacking specialist.

And, today he is here to share how exactly you can generate leads and improve your ROI.

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The Urge To Influence Sales

This guy is a born genius with a brain to do something creative and totally awesome. Mathieu has done his masters from HETIC, a France-based web training school, and then he started working at Batch as a developer.  

The urge to influence the sales domain, and generate powerful prospect-based leads has made him accept the challenges. His main focus revolves around how to compliment his education with his career. And, at the same time how to be helpful for all types of businesses.

“I always wanted to do something different and helpful for the community. When I was completing my masters in France, luckily my school did teach me how to bring a change in the domain of the internet.

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That’s when I decided to do something extraordinary. And, thus I came to San Francisco Bay Area, and now I help all types of businesses to achieve their dream of generating actionable leads through my business,” says Picard.


The Basics Are Always Neglected

“Now, usually that’s what the new startups do. They ignore the basics and work around the major marketing hacks to generate prospect leads.

But that’s not how to go about it. As you not only waste a lot of money and time but also get no concrete results”, adds Picard. He further adds that “The best way to get some powerful impact is by having the right email addresses of the people you want to connect with.”

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So, why do all the like-minded people state the same thing? That’s because the email marketing technique is a tried and tested tip. Everything starts with being digitally equipped and connecting when you’re all set to start to personalize.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Can Be Automated

Mathieu states that “Email marketing is the easiest and cost-effective method to save a lot of dollars. You just have to narrow down your target audiences and reach them again and again. At Anyleads that’s what I and my team do.

We generate unlimited results and contacts for our clients. Most of them target a specific niche and the right party contact is helpful for them to plan present and future leads easily. ”

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There is no other method that can be so persuasive. You’re not at all spending anything other being creative in writing a personalized email.

Your target prospects are in your database, and you just have to send them emails telling more about yourself and your brand. With the automation feature, lead generation can help you gather data from everywhere.

If your brand is an international provider, then here is how you can mine data and reach to any continent.

Never Overlook Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is directly proportional to lead generation method. Let it be inbound marketing or outbound, if there are no leads, it’s kind of useless.

Your sales funnel helps you to gather data that you need and lead generation tops it with providing countable clients and customers.

At Anyleads we basically do this for all of our clients. We offer a real-time dashboard, with industry-related stats and then the data of the companies to our clients.

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Our most insightful feature is the “unlimited access to unlimited contacts”, this is something we value, and our clients love it,” adds Mathieu.

Why You Need A Lead Generation Software?

There are thousands and thousands of software’s that promised email and contact details to boost your marketing campaign. However, you can’t test the authenticity of the services for sure.

And, even if the provided details are accurate, still the companies don’t work with you in initiating an email campaign which actually makes a big difference.

Here, Anyleads and its team come to your rescue. These guys have developed SAAS-based software for unlimited contact importing and also sufficient the stats for your business target options.

“We at Anyleads are proud of what our customers get in return for hiring our services. We offer automation & build excursions as an illustration on a whiteboard for our customers. And, this lets our clients do precision aiming and engage with personalized emails within their niche”, states Picard.

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Lead Generation

It Can Help To Build Generate Concrete Results

Most of you think email marketing is just another waste of time. But, for once, just stop and think. You do own a smartphone which has your Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo inbox collectively.

You keep browsing your inbox or social media anytime, anywhere you want. So, what other way is there to get your immediate attention? By far, email marketing has impacted a lot of sales, customer relationship, data mining, and much more.  

You can choose local and international campaigns according to the time zone of your potential prospects. Sharing info about your brand, business, offers, and packages is much easier with email marketing.

Further, you reach the right audience at the prime time of a product launch and advertise your services. This in return generates leads for current and future business options. So, plan to execute your email campaign today, results are bound to heighten your success level.

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Use Anyleads To Generate Possible ROI

“By using the Anyleads software you can do A/B Testing, email triggers, special segments, and tracking very straightforwardly.  

Everything is possible if you have a hand that can take care of your business like theirs, and reach your potential prospects when the time is right,” says Mathieu Picard.

So, do write to me once you start using my advice to generating leads by an automated feature. Yeah, don’t forget to write some extraordinarily personalized emails though.

For those of you, who have no idea how to personalize the email content, stay tuned for my upcoming blogs to get some insights on how to write an email that sells.

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