Just today I came across this image when I was browsing Pinterest.

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Even though I could not track down the person who said this. But everyone can agree that this is 100% true.  Especially for people in the business.

Irrespective of what anyone says a business card still remains the finishing touch for your first impression when it comes to the business meeting. It’s like the deciding act. You make a great impression and then drive it home by handing out a business card that just reiterates whatever you said. Or you hand out a shitty business card and muddle it all.

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Not only is your business card the first impression for your brand. But handing out a business card is also a personal interaction as opposed to swapping contacts digitally. Having a business card with you shows you are prepared. And if it’s creative, it gets shared. Hence continuing to market you.

Despite the impact, a survey found that about 60% solopreneurs and small business owners are unhappy with their business card. But it’s not a priority enough to hire a designer, pay him hundreds of dollars and get a business card that you might like. Of course, you can try to get one from Fiverr but despite the hassle, it’s unlikely that it will be any better than the one you already have. And the product that we are reviewing today aims to solve that problem.

MakeBizCards: A simple tool for online business card designing

Their tagline is: Get a Unique, Elegant Business Card Within Minutes

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It’s actually pretty simple, exactly like itsays.

With many elegant designs to choose from over more than 20 categories along with the generic ones. From DJ cards to hairstylist cards and everything in between.

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Then I landed on this page where I was asked to enter my details, and select fonts and colors


I added my logo, entered the details and changed the colors and I could see the effect real time


And when I was done, I just press the download button


And the results


All I wanna say is- Pretty darn good for like a minute’s work.

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I can’t imagine the tool getting any simpler. And it does the job.

The best part is – Majority of the templates are free. So there are no charges at all. And for the premium template, all you gotta pay is $10. That’s it.

I wish such a tool was there when I was got my own business card designed for the first time and honestly look forward to seeing more designs on the platform. You should definitely check it out if you wanna design your business card.