Let’s Break The Web, With Jason Berkowitz’s Business Ideas


Today, Jason Berkowitz is not an ordinary guy. He is a fighter and a competition for many. He knows how to work for his dreams, and continue to make them come true.

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Nowadays, SEO – search engine optimization isn’t new to anybody. You all know about SEO. But, for Jason Berkowitz, his career, and ambitions – all started with SEO.

Do You have All That You Want?

Now, usually, we don’t get all that we want. Life turns out to be really cruel sometimes. But, if you have a million dollar dream, and want to shape your own name, business, – then there is nothing there to stop you.

Making a million dollar company isn’t impossible. Only, the first step is going to make all the difference. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how this change comes over.

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Sometimes, all you see is a failure, dread, and loss. Your nerves just crack. There is no ray of sunshine.

Nonetheless, you have got to bounce back man! You can’t stay like that forever if you want to do something creative and get your net worth in billions.

I have seen people making a huge difference, with only a $10.00 in their pockets. The same thing happened to Jason too.

Every Step Comes With A Price

If you are about to start your own business, shop or even a website, beginning is never easy. Thousands and thousands of start-ups fail on daily bases. Only the strongest with a goal, survive this tough challenge.

So, when asked about his initial expansion towards SEO, Jason Berkowitz says, that “It was 2009, I was working as a personal trainer. I worked in a commercial gym, but was desperate to get out on my own and make a name for myself.”

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He also adds, that, “As I started my own PT business, I learned the hard way that clients just don’t come knocking on your door. I knew that if I wanted a competitive advantage, I had to learn how to market myself properly.”

Never Compromise On Your Dreams

Hence, his journey towards being successful started. He knew perception isn’t all, he will need to master new tools too. He worked himself hoarse with what his passion was. And, then BOOM! He knew it. It was SEO he loved.

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He used to implement SEO into his own business and watch it grow. From there, his addiction towards SEO increased. He wanted to play with SEO, and also see what else could rank in the search results. And, then his passion for PT turned into a desire for Google ranking.

When He Launched Break The Web

In 2010, he launched his first SEO agency, SEO Services New York, which took over NYC by storm. His company began appearing for all of the competitive SEO terms in New York. It was available everywhere.  His website was on local, national & a worldwide ranking list.

The initial spurt of growth led to the formation of his parent company, called – Break The Web, Inc. Today, under the BTW label, he is able to offer SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Web Design services.

The Philosophy That Makes The Change Enormous

Jason says, that, “At BTW, we have a philosophy; one that focuses on building a website’s trust & authority. We accomplish this by going against the usual standard. Most marketing & SEO agencies provide a run-of-the-mill service. Most of these are expensive and offer only minimal results.”

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But, that is not what his company offers. He says, “We offer results powered with an approach & understanding of the marketing platforms. In addition, the proven track of success allows BTW to multiply the traffic & revenue for our clients in a few short months.”

Jason Berkowitz

How To Build Your Million Dollar Worth?

So what should a businessman produce to stay “well known” and match pace with this huge and fast-moving set of buyers?

If you are also among those who have this question in mind, then for sure you have picked up the right blog today.

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The success of business relies on a customer’s satisfaction and answering all of his questions. Your customers have many things going on in their minds. And, accurate customer service is the strongest asset of your company.

Therefore, the best approach to win your customer or client is with the courtesy call of being EMPATHIC.

The Buying Behavior Of Your Customers, Credit Your Success

Studies have shown that usually, the 2017-world people prefer to rent things, rather than buying them.

However, when it comes to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) like groceries, toiletries, cold drinks, phones, earphones, gaming consoles, etc. there is no choice left but to buy them and then consume or use.

Same is the case with starting and succeeding your business. It is not an easy job. As you do have to treat your customers with labeled benefits. They wouldn’t settle for anything less. That’s exactly what SEO does for your business.

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The Brand Approach To WOW Your Customers

Your customers need to know that you are offering them, the “branded buying” option. Though, yeah, you can also show them another condition here. Payless, and see only periodic change. Or, go with quality and see long-term income.

SEO services and experts are all-over the place. You don’t need just anybody doing the laundry here. But, someone who understands what you want!

So, try SEO to see your awesome results with no backward glance to a failure!

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