Cybercrime, Cyberbullying, and Cyberstalking – you name it and there are tons and tons of people who have been a victim of this hideous crime. People have committed suicides, have faced depressions just because there are no hard-and-fast rules to crush this disease from the root itself.

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But, Kris Degioia is somebody who is not here to suffer or be overshadowed just because she was a victim herself. She herself tries to minimize her achievements as much as she can, but she is not less than any superhero out there. A woman with a strong focus to do something different is here to create history.

Kris Degioia

But, Who Is Kris?

Kris Degioia is the CEO at WTF MultiMedia, Co-Founder at Cryptic, Mom & TotBox, and Founder of Savage & Fierce. A strong-willed female, mother, businesswoman, influencer, entrepreneur, helper – there are so many names Kris Degioia has established for herself. But, this is not what she stands for only.

She states, “I’m doing something that matters, and makes things easier for many. This is something that puts the whole world on its ear. There is so much I want to do. Because I know that time is limited. I don’t want to touch only a few hearts in this lifetime. But, want to help everybody I meet. I will leave nothing less than something that says I was here.”

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There is so much more she wants to achieve and do. And, today she is here to tell you what has inspired her to be so strong. She is an example you’ll want to follow too.

Kris Degioia

The Brain With Power – A Notable Star

She has done her Bachelor of Laws – LLB in the Field of International Law from University of Georgia – Terry College of Business.  She also did her masters as Master of Business Administration – MBA in Business Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from Vanderbilt University – Owen Graduate School of Management. Equipped with all these fine tools, she is helping everybody in need. And, has dedicated her life to support the causes to create and make a change for the whole world.

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“I want to give hope, help, and give aid to as many hearts as possible. I don’t care about what others think about me, my project is based on real experience, circumstances, and culprits. And, I had to fight hard to get justice for myself, though I had no idea as to how bad it can turn out. I never gave up hope just because of being a victim. Cryptic, which is my co-founded nonprofit organization, is created with some really strong hearts and brains – so we can reach as many people as we can,” states Kris Degioia passionately.

Kris Degioia – The Female Version Of Tony Stark

Kris Degioia

Motherhood is a field where every mother tries to surpass expectations and to offer the best that she can to her child. However here, mothers are to be praised a bit more. As, it takes a lot of courage to take care of a small child, and also face the other challenges that come along the way.

I’m not saying this just because Kris is a bit different, I’m saying this because every other woman out there is a fighter. A male-dominated society can always put you in a tight spot, and being a mother along with a businesswoman can be quite challenging for ladies. 

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But, despite all hurdles, Degioia stands there with her head held high. She is an exceptionally strong and dedicated mum. Her kid is her first and foremost priority. She does everything that she can to make life more comfortable for her child, and that is something many parents overlook. 

WTF Multimedia & Kris, Both Want To Grow Your Business

Kris Degioia

WTF Multimedia is another huge creation and achievement of Kris. This beautiful lady is unstoppable when it comes to marketing and online coverage. It is one of the best online and social media marketing company of Nashville, Tennessee. Though Kris is 20 weeks pregnant with a set of twin boys, she is just remarkable in her work. She is helping startups to create their own brands within their niche.  There is so much that her company is offering, like:

  • Website designing
  • Content marketing 
  • Social media success strategies
  • Search engine optimization 

Kris is offering companies some great expertise, with conclusive results. Further, it’s not how you get business, but how you actually connect with your clients. ” We’re creating tangible results for all for our clients, and this is what is our motto,” states Degioia. 

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Is She Not A Guru Or Expert?

Kris Degioia

“Irrespective of what the internet states, I’m far from a “social media marketing or any digital guru” if anyone tells you so, then they’re just bluffing. Why I say this is because, every second a new trend pops up, and there is a new platform, etc. Just like Captain America’s shield, defies all law of physics, there is no way to be an expert in every part of social and digital marketing,” states Kris Degioia modestly.

But, that’s because she only focuses on making a DIFFERENCE. Because, when I tracked her succeeded cases, she had got 24 startups go viral within a limited time frame of 24-to-48 hours only. And, did you know that the key to success is to keep striving every minute without wasting the time to count the steps of achievements? That’s the KEY TO HER SUCCESS!

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Cyber Crime Shaped Her Into Someone She Never Knew

Kris Degioia

We all are aware that with every passing day, digital boundaries are getting less and less, and so are crimes increasing. Cyber-crime is something that has affected countless lives and is still active despite huge punishments. This crime has so many branches and is not limited to chat rooms, emails, notice boards, and mobile phones. It also involves Bluetooth, SMS, and MMS. About $445 billion damage has been estimated in the global economy. This was stated in a report by McAfee. Which is HUGE considering the damage and amount.

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So, what is it that can be done to crush it from its roots? Though Kris Degioia is one of the many victims, and she is fighting it, but there are still countless out there suffering because they have no idea how to face cyber-crimes. After the research sponsored by Juniper surfaced, Kris started working actively to create awareness. This report by Juniper indicates about 2.1 trillion costs against cybercrimes, and only within the US approximately $1.5 billion were lost. And, these stats are only with credit and debit card frauds for now. If we track other reports it may cross the $1.5 billion chart too.

The Tennessee Superhero!

Yes, without a doubt she is the superhero female version. “You will either be either inspired by me or intimidated by my approach”, says Kris. The choice is ultimately yours.” She is not focusing on just becoming famous with a few traits, but with actions.

Cyberstalking turned her life upside down. But, she grew stronger after this incident. And, instead of taking refuge in any depression, she fought it with a plan. Her action plan is right now making a difference in the lives of so many other such victims.

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She fought her stalker and put him behind bars, and later co-founded Cryptic, to create an awareness and help others like her. Kris Degioia confidently shared, “Yes, I am a victim of cyberstalking. Once I put my stalker behind bars, I formed a nonprofit organization to serve victims of cyberbullying, stalking and harassment.” This is what I call fighting hard-and-strong, and Kris is an example to pursue if you have ever faced such a troubling scenario.

Kris Degioia Shares The Take-Home Note

Kris Degioia

Evil looks strong at the start, but if you fight it, you can defeat it easily. There is nothing that can overcome a strong soul. And, if you simply want to help others, then the ways start making sense immediately. Kris Degioia is a living-and-breathing example of a survivor. She is a hope that can help you change your course too.

But, you have to be strong in order for her to help you in every possible way. She is not afraid of the dark. But, worries about how to save the community. Her nonprofit organization is the first step to put all bullies of cybercrime and harassment behind bars. “I want to help. And, raise awareness about how cyberstalking can damage, and wreck lives,” states Degioia. Thus, join hands with her, and let her help you to never let cybercrimes wreck your lives. She is here to answer any questions that you may have.  So, just state your ordeal below, and she will fill you in immediately.