How to Write a Speech About Yourself


When writing a speech, experts from https://perfectessay.com recommend considering several things including the speech’s purpose, the audience, as well as the length of the speech. A speech about yourself, however, encompasses more than the factors listed here. An autobiographical speech requires that you talk about real insights in your life. You need to know which aspects of your life you will focus on as well as the qualities in you that will help to drive your main message.

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Every speech seeks to communicate a message and yours too should have a theme. Below are a few pointers and guidelines on how you can write a great speech about yourself.

Before Starting

Do not start writing your essay immediately you get the assignment. Take some time to think about the prompt and look at yourself and what areas of your life you think fit the prompt. Think critically about how to start a speech about yourself before you begin noting down points or you may take a piece of advice at edujungles.com.

Identify your Speech Purpose

As already stated, your speech must have a purpose. You should write and seek to tailor your speech towards a particular idea. There has to be a theme or a central idea should be written as a description of what you seek to communicate. So, before you start writing, determine the purpose of your speech and outline it clearly. This will help you to focus your writing.


The next thing after determining your speech’s purpose is to brainstorm. Brainstorming mainly involves coming up with ideas which will help you write your speech. A speech about yourself can take different routes. For example, you could be asked to write a speech that introduces you or you could be asked to write a work-related speech. In each case, brainstorming must be considered.

You can brainstorm by creating a mind map or using the three perspectives method. For a mind map, you need to start with a central idea and then connect the ideas and points which are related to it. The three perspectives method, on the other hand, asks the writer three things: Subject’s description (yourself), the history of the subject, and finally, how and what has impacted the subject.

Identify Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial if you are to write a speech which meets the requirements and communicates your intended message. Consider the size of your audience, the age of your audience, the purpose of the gathering, the interests of the audience, and the kind of information they are expecting from you. Knowing your audience will help you know the best tone to use as well as the length of your speech.

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Take a Pen

Once you have identified your audience, take the first step towards writing your speech. Take a pen and start writing ideas which you will incorporate in your speech. These should help you develop several perspectives and later to decide or settle on one.

Reconsider an Assignment

As you write your ideas, make sure they are in line with the assignment requirements. Assignment requirements must always be adhered to or else you will fail in your speech. The requirements will specify the length of the speech and the purpose of the speech. Missing these can render your speech useless and hence a fail.

Prepare the Best Outline, Opening, and Introduction

You must develop the habit of developing a speech outline about yourself every time you are given this task. An outline should give you a guideline on how you will approach each area of your speech. It should include all the ideas you wish to include in your speech. As you prepare the outline, you need to also consider developing or coming up with introduction speech ideas. Remember that your introduction should be used to capture the attention of your audience.

Write the Body

In the body of your speech, you need to include all ideas that seek to enhance your central idea. These ideas must build on your theme.

Borrow Quotations

Almost all articles that provide information on how to write a speech about yourself always ask writers to borrow quotations. Quotations enhance your speech and lets your audience know that you are wellversed with philosophers and what famous people often say concerning the world. Well, if how to end a speech about yourself has been a problem for you then think no further. Borrow a quotation and end with it or emphasize on a single word in the quotation.

Editing and Signposts

Editing is crucial in writing. It involves the correction, organization, and modification of your speech to make it more appealing and comprehensible. On the other hand, signposts are words which are used to guide the audience through your speech. As you edit, ensure that each is where it needs to be to avoid the mistake of pointing your readers in a direction that is different from where you are headed.

Don’t Use Stock Phrases

Stock phrases only show that you cannot think beyond the ordinary. This is not a good sign. So, avoid using them in your speech at all times.

How to Speak about Yourself

For this bit, I know that you will feel on the spot when asked to speak about yourself. However, try and speak with humble confidence. Avoid any instance of arrogance in your speech or self-shaming for that matter. For more, read speech about yourself examples if you wish to see how others did it.

Find Someone to Help

Finally, it is always good to ask for help. It is not a show of weakness and neither is it cheating. It is simply an acknowledgment of your limitations. So, ask your teacher for help or anyone who you believe can help you deliver a great speech.

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