How to Write a Research Paper Introduction


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Writing the introduction of a research paper seems to be the most challenging and exasperating part for many students. The length of the introduction varies depending on the type of paper you are writing.

Before you begin writing the introduction for your paper, you need to know what is an introduction paragraph. You also need to know the purpose it seeks to serve in your paper.

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An introduction paragraph is where you define the thesis statement for your paper. It is also through the introductory paragraph where the reader(s) will decide whether they want to read your paper or not. The research paper introduction serves many different purposes.

Firstly, it helps to present your topic to the audience. Secondly, it elucidates or explains the context of your work. Thirdly, it helps to grab the attention of the audience. Lastly, it presents the thesis statement for your paper.

So, you should not ask what section of a research paper should contain the main idea. It is the introduction paragraph. To learn how to write an introduction to a research paper, consider the tips prepared by WriteMyPerfectEssay discussed below.

Indicate your topic

To begin your introduction, you need to indicate your topic. State and explain the focus of your research and what questions you will be answering. Your introductory paragraph ought to capture the attention of theф audience. They need to be motivated and interested in reading your paper. While indicating your topic, start with a wider setting. Explain the general matters of your topic. Then, zoom in on the particular features of these matters while illustrating to the reader(s) what your paper is about.

Choosing keywords

You need to provide keywords in your introduction paragraph. The topic of your paper may encompass some keywords. They help make your paper to appear more specific. Additionally, it helps keep the audience’s focus on your topic. Hence, you need to choose the keywords for your paper carefully.

Display ideas and terms

The audience needs to comprehend and understand all the essential ideas and terms in your paper. So, when displaying your ideas and terms ensure you clearly explain them. It will help minimize the likelihood of the reader(s) losing interest in your paper. Additionally, the audience will be able to understand what you are writing about with ease.

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Write your topic

Introduce your topic. Your paper can be based on any subject field such as religion and theology or social sciences and humanities. Use creative means when writing your topic. For instance, you can write your topic with a quotation or an anecdote. This helps you to exhibit your writing skills in a more appealing manner. If you write your topic with an anecdote, ensure it is precise and relates to your topic. Its main role is to introduce your topic.

Add reviews

The audience needs to familiarize themselves with the source materials you have used to write your paper. Thus, you need to incorporate the literature review of your paper. It enables you to show your virtuous preparation and perfect familiarity or understanding of the subject area. When writing your introduction, do not include a long discussion. It needs to be brief or succinct. So, provide an overview of the appropriate matters and recent works.

Reconsider the literature

Adding reviews helps illustrate the significance of your writing. Thus, you need to reconsider the literature. First and foremost, you need to state and exemplify the purpose of the present literature in your work. Explain what is new about your idea or notion. Then, explicate what openings you have come across in other source materials and the reasons why you opted to use a new perspective to describe them.  

Open motivations

Since you have considered writing your paper on a wider topic, you need to clarify why you contributed in writing the paper. Put your focus on the value of your work. Your paper has its solid sides and distinctiveness. For instance, if your paper is on a scientific research, write about the merits of your methods. Distinguish the fresh and unique features in your work from the common features. You also need to explain the role of your research and its use in the paper.

Indicate questions to be opened

You now need to indicate the questions to be opened after explaining the purpose of your writing. Ensure and guarantee that you discourse the core questions of your research in the introduction. It should not appear as if the reader(s) are seeing it for the first time. Formulate your research questions in a clear and brief manner.

Write a hypothesis and outline

You then need to write your hypothesis and outline. The hypothesis acts as your thesis statement. It helps narrow your topic while concentrating on the key features hence explaining the purpose of your research. The outline will help you know what the structure of your research paper should be like. You will also use it as a guide in writing the paper.

In conclusion, writing the introduction to a research paper is a difficult task for many students. This is because the majority do not know what section of their papers ought to incorporate the central idea. But, you do not need to worry about anything. The tips discussed above can help you write a research paper introduction example.

You do not need to rehearse over and over again to perfect it. So, to learn how to start a research paper intro, consider using the tips discussed above. Of course you may use tips for better productivity that really works. It will help you to write research paper faster.

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