Hardly anyone could think that the European Union can boast with cheap destinations to travel. However, there are plenty of countries where you can have a fantastic experience while spending less than $35 per day. It is hard to do if you expect to live in a five-star hotel and use elite taxi services, but if your main goal is to explore the country and feel its native spirit, your student budget will be enough to visit the main attractions, eat the best local cuisine and attend special events that the country is famous for.

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The most remarkable country where you can save rather than spend is Greece. A land once inhabited by one of the most powerful civilizations, which largely contributed to the world’s cultural development, technological progress and intellectual advancement is waiting for you to explore its countless islands, amazing beaches, ancient cathedrals and modern nightlife.

Everything you could ever dream about you can find in the country rich in history and myths. We guarantee that two or three-day stay in Greece can cost you less than the amount you pay requesting services to write essays for me, since it is possible to spend less than 30 euro in the most popular and visited places, like Santorini, Crete and Rhodes.

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Here are some tips on how to travel to Greece without spending much:

Plan Your Trip

If you want a cheap trip, do not behave like you are a millionaire. Start planning your trip in advance to catch the best air travel fares and do not avoid using low-cost airlines to plan your trip across the country. Many companies allow you to plan your trip up to one year in advance so that you can save pretty much on transportation. However, remember that such offers do not last long and also do not offer you any flexibility. Thus, be attentive while planning and booking since you may lose much if you make a mistake.

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As for the accommodation, there are plenty of offers available for you which allow for saving your budget and feeling the local atmosphere. If you enjoy communication with representatives of other culture, you can rent a room from locals instead of choosing a fancy and expensive hotel. You do not need much if you aim to discover a new country. You need a place to sleep, cook and take a shower. If you fail to find a room for rent, you can always find a good hostel option. But mind that in order to save your money, you will probably share a room with a few other travelers.

Plan Your Travel Destinations

In order to make your trip interesting, you need to plan your road. It is always a good idea to plan must visit places and google their entrance fees to calculate your expenses. Greece is rich in ancient places and you surely want to visit them all. You’ll be surprised, but many of them are either cheap or free of charge at all. Acropolis will cost your student’s budget a lot, but many other routes are free for you to explore.

Some people like spontaneity in their decisions and it is reasonable to claim that you cannot plan it all while being in another country and traveling to Greece for the first time. Right you are. However, there are many travel blogs and forums available online that could turn your journey into an easy trip and allow for avoiding some critical mistakes.

Decide on What You Want to Do

Greece offers plenty of options for you to spend your time. You can walk along the streets and observe the hills of Athens, or you can discover some distant islands with the most incredible beaches you have ever seen.

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If you like water, there are many sports activities you can engage in Greece, including parasailing, sailing, surfing, etc. You will be surprised that such things will not cost you a fortune even with instructors and rented equipment. There are websites that allow you to get a better idea of what each Greek island is famous for so that you can plan your road map better.


Mind the fact that Greece is an insular country so investing much in renting a car may not be that wise. It is possible to do that on the continental part where Athens and Thessaloniki are located to get a better idea of this part. However, public transportation in Greece works well and offers plenty of options from comfortable buses to ferries at a reasonable price.

Cook while Traveling

If your google request sounds like “how to plan my budget in Greece,” we advise you to plan your meals. It is a good idea to buy products in supermarkets and cook breakfasts and dinners.

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Many travel enthusiasts agree that cooking at your place allows you to save 30% of your budget. Of course, you would like to taste some local dishes. You can do it when you are out on the island or in the city and traveling back to your rented room is not reasonable. However, if you have an opportunity to cook your breakfast and dinner at home, do not neglect it. Believe us you will be positively surprised at the end of your trip.

Meet and Communicate with Locals

Never underestimate good advice from locals. They know for sure where the cheapest shops, markets and cafes are located as well as can suggest you some places that only they could know. If you are free to choose your destination for a day, ask your new friends to show their favorite places on the map. You will not be disappointed. This communication gets even easier in Greece since local people enjoy talking about their country.

Travel as a Volunteer

Being a cradle of civilization, Greece offers many opportunities to travel as a volunteer. There are many UNESCO programs that recruit young people worldwide who share similar goals and principles dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and cultivating local traditions. The government of Greece also supports volunteer movement and annually creates new programs to engage people from around the world.

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Greece is truly the best destination if you want to see Europe, feel the history and spend a reasonable amount of money. This is the country of picturesque landscapes, green hills, spectacular national parks and crystal-clear seas. Greece is the best place to visit if you want to relax, have a summer vacation or, in contrast, spend your time swimming or surfing. Just make your plan, collect information and see that this country will cost you twice as cheap as in the rest of Europe.