As it is pivotal to keep yourself updated with the numerous IT developments, it is also important to be up-to-date with the different IT certifications on the market. Adding a certification under your belt gives you that superlative charm among prying employers on the hunt for qualified and certified IT professionals.

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And if you are looking for a quality certification in line with Cisco Business Architecture, then 810-440 exam is the qualification you need to pass.


Delving deeper into this Cisco designation— Adopting Cisco Business Architecture Approach (810-440), the exam is one of the toughest to pass, featuring 55 to 65 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. Consequently, preparing for the exam isn’t a walk in the park but it could definitely be worth it once you pass the test.

Know the Exam Objectives

Before anything else, know the exam objectives. Knowing the coverage is very important even before you jump into your exam preparation journey. It’s like going to a battle in full gear. The IT industry has witnessed a lot of unprepared aspirants who eventually fail the exam because of hasty decisions.

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To begin your exam preparation, it is but vital to not just read the objectives but also understand each guideline. And for Cisco 810-440 exam, you should comprehend that it outlines one’s mastery and skills in line with: Roles related to a Cisco Business Architecture lead sales process, Specific responsibilities of a business architect, Customer journey, and Customer credibility and rapport.

Create a Study Plan

So, let’s begin with a proper study plan that will efficiently and effectively target all objectives. A study plan helps you focus on the right path.

Also, knowing that the exam duration is quite limited, you should be able to master time management, not just with studying but also with answering the test questions. Prepare all your study materials and don’t just stick with one reference.

Get an Online Training

With the upsurge of virtual developments, it’s not hard to use e-learning courses as your primary study material. Online training is very in-demand, especially that these are accessible wherever you go. And one significant online training that should not be missed is the “Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA) v1.0”.

A highly recommended learning material, this self-paced online course is provided by Cisco Learning Network Store. You may want to try the free trial version first before purchasing the file. There are also other online training tools offered by Cisco to make your preparation easier.

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Read the Official Study Guides

But of course, even with the notable prominence of e-learning courses, you’ll never go wrong with the handy official study guide for 810-440 exam— Cisco DTBAA study guides.

Most of these materials may be lengthy but are very valuable as your initial study reference. Books are still relevant in terms of expanding your knowledge, as well as nurturing your reading skills. Compared to video tutorials, study guides provide more in-depth comprehension and extensive range of topics.

Visit Cisco Press

Cisco Press is another vital reference for the latest news and developments related to the organization and its certifications. Don’t forget to visit their website to get important updates or changes in the syllabus that might be useful during the exam. If you want to be more updated, you can follow Cisco’s official social media accounts.

Answer Some Practice Tests

You should never undervalue the significance of practice tests. Mind that all the reading and studying will not be functional if you don’t verify them. And the best way to assess your mastery and skills is through some practice tests. Answer some test questions by and by until you polish your comprehension before the real exam.

Books and online training often feature some practice tests after each chapter, so don’t forget to answer them to check the level of your readiness for the exam.

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Use Braindumps

Braindumps are not so bad as you think! If you know how to use properly them, then these so-called real exam questions and real answers provided by real exam takers will surely help you pass the exam. Really, dumps serve as your testing ground so that you’ll have knowledge about the possible test questions.

Answering a different set of braindumps further give you a hint of the exam patterns, which could aid you during your preparation journey up until the real exam. Braindumps are also considered as another set of useful mock tests for you to verify and fill in certain lapses in your learning. Just make sure not to solely depend your luck on braindumps but rather combine this valuable material with study guides, online training resources and practice tests.


Passing one of the leading Cisco exams is surely a dream come true, considering that Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA are needed and it isn’t just an ordinary certification exam which requires a lot of knowledge and practice in order to pass. It’s a complicated test, featuring some tricky questions that must be completed within a limited period.

Hence, acing the exam means that you have proven your skills in Cisco Business Architecture and its related scope. So, before the big day, give your mind a break and relax! Breathe in the protons and breathe out the electrons. Do not cram! Though cramming is beneficial for some, more often than not, this is dangerous, and you might end up with a mental block.

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Cisco DTBAA certification is clearly one of the many IT validations that will help you get a proper and decent career in the future and will give you a higher leverage compared to other IT professionals. This also means many exciting perks, including better earnings, membership in a reputable IT community and a lot more! Remember, certifications like these increase your credibility, so don’t just settle for one validation. And if you don’t pass the exam at first take, never lose hope! Trying times often give you the best experiences in your life and mold you to become better and stronger. After all, life is a risk, so learn how to accept everything, pick up your mess, and stand up once again.