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As we all know that the 21st century is the most competitive for students and especially in Singapore, where exemplary exam results and academic success are the most important for student’s future. No doubt school teachers are the best, but most of the teachers are not able to give their students the individual attention that they need to achieve the desired results in their studies and exams.

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Therefore, it is better to hire a professional and experienced tutor in Singapore, who will help your child in his/her assignments. Over the last couple of years, the tuition industry in Singapore is reported to be worth $950 million today that is up from $470 million in 1998. It explains that the demand for tuition in Singapore is expanding day-by-day.

Whether you are hiring an online tutor or personal tutor, you need to find the right tutor for your child, who will help him/her in the studies in the best manner. If you are looking for hiring a right tutor, you should consider below-mentioned points and choose the best one:

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The first and foremost thing that you should check while hiring a tutor for your child is his/her educational background. Choose a tutor, who is already academically inclined himself and will be better at imparting his knowledge to the student. Make sure that he has the capability to explain the concepts, techniques, and syllabus in detail to the student.


Experience plays the most important role when selecting a tutor for your child. The quality of the tutor can be easily determined by the number of years of experience he has. A veteran and knowledgeable tutor will be able to attend to the special needs of each student as each student progresses at their own pace. However, a tutor also has an idea of helping students in an excellent way. Moreover, an experienced tutor can also give some useful tips regarding exams and pinpoint student’s weakness to help him improve.

Dedication Towards His Job:

It is highly important that you choose a dedicated and committed tutor for your child, who passionately teach and clear his/her doubts. You should be very careful about the dedication of the tutor as an irresponsible tutor will usually quit within a few months of taking tuition.

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If the tutor is dedicated towards your children and his assignments, it will give a good impact on your child’s studies. Moreover, tutors, who have not dedication towards their jobs, would just be wasting both your time and money.

So, these are the three most important things that you should consider while hiring the best tutor for your child in Singapore. There are various tuition agencies online, where you can find an experienced and skilful tutor in Singapore as these agencies hire many tutors and send them out to students who need assistance in learning. No matter for which subject you need a tutor, you can get the best tutor and help your child to achieve his/her goal in the exam.