How to be an excellent blogger


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Every blogging enthusiast frequently posts new links thinking that original and unique content would be enough to garner new views. There comes a time when the number of visitors peak, and however much you scratch your head, you are just unable to figure out the reason why. There are a number of ways bloggers hone their skills or try new methods to increase the inflow of visitors.


Style of writing

What would you write, if I ask you to write something about “The Statue of Liberty”? Would you define it as a ‘massive monument, architectural genius, and magnificent to the eye’ or would you write of it as a ‘Libertas, the roman goddess, breaks the chains and walks forward holding a torch guiding the oppressed to the hope of freedom and achieving it’

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The way you choose to define something or express yourself can sometimes be a big difference maker and help you identify the type of readers you attract. 

Correct grammar

No matter how long you have been a writer, there is always a chance that you will get grammar and the structuring of a sentence incorrect. There are plenty of websites available that will check your grammar for you. Also, I suggest you read through books such as ‘the economist’s style guide’, newspaper editors and journalists recommend it to sort out the minor grammatical mistakes you make on daily basis. You can take help from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp and ask them to proofread the whole article if it is a big one.


This is a major problem I find going through blogs; words are used repetitively in the post and there is no variety in the structuring of sentences. I suggest you go over the blogs you have written or get it reviewed with someone else; if the same passages are being used over the posts there might be a problem. Maybe you are just putting out the content there and not going for a fresh way to write it up. I advise you submit those for review, websites such as EssayWriter4U will proofread your work and help you develop different styles of writing.

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Keeping up with the trends

If you have a blog focused on niche content, you must have a low but stable number of visitors and frankly, they will increase slowly. If you write on content that is in line with what is trending online, there is a high chance that the number of visitors would increase. I advise you to keep a check on what is trending on social networking websites and on what is called ‘big news’.

Observation and Imagination

As a blogger, you need to use your cognitive skills to be able to put a cherry on top of your writing skills. As put by Albert Einstein,’ Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere’, you have to let your imagination flow before setting to write something. That is one of the best ways to make an article interesting and stand out from the rest of it.

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