Starting a company from scratch is a huge job. Most business owners just getting off the groundwork from home, which can create a whole new problem. P.O. boxes can solve part of the problem by providing the business with a separate mailing address, but they create problems with a lack of privacy, flexibility, and credibility. Read on to find out why virtual business addresses provide a better solution.

Improved Brand Image

Modern consumers do their research before choosing which companies to trust, and most are less likely to purchase products or services provided by companies without a physical address. A Virtual Business Address isn’t like a P.O. box. When potential customers search for it online, it will show up as a physical building.

Having a real business address separate from both the business owner’s home address and P.O. box makes startups and small businesses look more professional. This improves brand image and lends credibility to the company. Since virtual business addresses are much less expensive than renting full offices, they provide an excellent return on investment by attracting more customers or clients.

Maximize Online Presence

Startup and small business owners can list virtual business addresses on search engines, allowing them to increase their web presence and generate more leads. This constitutes a huge benefit since Google Local and other search engines that specialize in local SEO don’t allow business owners to list P.O. boxes as physical addresses, which means business owners who use P.O. boxes miss out on an excellent source of local leads.

The ability to list a business on local searches doesn’t just allow customers using those particular sites to find it. It also improves SEO prospects. Google and other search engines prioritize citation building in their search algorithms, so businesses with more online mentions appear higher up in search results.

Get More Than Just an Address

So far, this article has focused on the benefits of being able to give out a physical business address to customers or list it online. When business owners find a company that specializes not just in providing virtual business addresses, but also in coworking spaces, they also get a multitude of other perks that can help the company grow. Access to a virtual office also comes with a toll-free number, voicemail services, a fax number, and even mail services. As small businesses grow, it may no longer be feasible for business owners to handle everything themselves. Virtual office services make it easier for them to hire remote workers.

Those who are already anticipating increased growth can work with a company that also offers access to coworking spaces. This will allow them to take advantage of all the benefits of having a physical office, including access to conference rooms, breakout spaces, and more, without having to rent an office full-time. Instead, they can rent space on an as-needed basis and can trust that potential clients, employees, or other business owners networking within or outside of their industries will be impressed by their professionalism.

The Bottom Line

Getting a business off the ground is already hard enough. Concerns about where to send mail, how to get a business listed on local search pages, and whether potential clients will really be impressed by meetings held in a home office don’t have to make the process even harder. Look into virtual business addresses, coworking spaces, and other innovative solutions for small business owners today.