Every place of tourist interest is supposed to have its own norms that tourists need to respect and follow without fail. Moreover, where wildlife tourism is concerned, you need to be extra cautious and follow all the rules and regulations seriously. We would be discussing some important wildlife travel trips so that you have a delightful wildlife vacation.

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The basic idea is to acknowledge and understand the significance of the forest reserves. There are numerous wildlife destinations in the world. People love to enjoy relaxing vacations with friends and family amidst the serene ambiance and pristine beauty of the reserve forests.

Are you planning to go to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve for a wildlife safari?

You have to get mentally strong to confront real animal encounters. Tadoba National Forest is any wilderness lover’s dream come true. It is a sprawling Tiger Reserve and extends over 1727sq. km; Tadoba National Park is in India and is situated in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district. It is one of the oldest and largest national parks and is truly a wildlife treasure trove. It boasts of an impressive variety of fauna and flora.

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You would come across panthers, hyenas, wild dogs, sloth bears, jackals, bison, barking deer, sambar, and of course, tigers. This national park is overshadowed by bamboo and teak and has a truly enchanting landscape. Tourists would be delighted to find comfortable Tadoba National Park resorts where they could book a room well in advance if they are planning a wildlife vacation here.

Here are a few preventive steps that every tourist must take so that their wildlife safari could be a delightful one without any mishaps.

Stay Away from Wild Animals

Even if you are thrilled to encounter the wild animals you need to exercise immense self-control and caution. Do not go in close proximity to the wild animals. Do not even try to touch them. If you try touching them, they would get wrong signals and would attack you as a self-defense tactic. You may get bitten by them or you could get badly injured if attacked. Stay within the boundaries meant for you. Do not intrude. Respect their privacy only then you could have a fulfilling wildlife safari at Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Getting Ready with Wildlife Travel Tips as You Choose a Tadoba Accommodation

Never Feed the Animals You Encounter

Under no circumstances should you even attempt to feed the animals you come across in a National Park. Even though you may find the animals malnourished and famished, do not even think of feeding them. Most reserve forests have a strict policy not to allow tourists to carry food when they are going for a jungle safari.
Silence Is Truly Golden While on a Wildlife Safari

You must remember to maintain pin drop silence. Ensure that the noise levels are really low. Animals get very easily disturbed and they are in the habit of hiding if you are noisy. Even if you are super thrilled and excited, keep your cool and carry on the conversation in lower tones. Remember chances of animal sightings are best if there is peace and absolute quiet all around.

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Do Not Run

If you are camping or on any walking trail out in the forests and you find a wild animal approaching you, you need to be alert and cautious. You simply cannot consider running or making any kind of sudden movements. The wild animals may become terrified if you start running and may chase you when petrified. Just stay calm. In all probability, the animal is going to go away after some time.

Have Full Faith in Your Guide

Remember that your safari guides are experts in wildlife and they know animal behavior much better than you. They are familiar with wildlife patterns and mannerisms. They are experts in anticipating danger in the wilderness. Always have full faith in them and trust their instincts. If your guide tells you to cancel or postpone or cut short your safari, never doubt his integrity. Remember he is doing so for your safety only.



If you follow the above-mentioned wildlife travel tips, you would have a great time at Tadoba and you would be delighted by the wildlife sanctuary safari. Remember to wear sober clothes and soft shades and avoid wearing strong perfumes. Wild animals are super-sensitive to smell and may get upset. Remember to do adequate research online before you set out for a wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve forests. Always plan in advance and find out the safari timings and the best season.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is wildlife photographer who has recently visited the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in India. He enjoyed his time here capturing great moments and numerous wildlife encounters. He recommends that you must book a room well in advance if you wish to enjoy the comforts of Tadoba National Park resorts during the peak season.