We’re all guilty of it – lusting after those perfect eyebrows that you see on celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn.You don’t have to be a beauty fanatic to recognize the important role that your eyebrows plays in the overall appearance of your face.While many of us prefer to run errands without too much makeup; nowadays leaving home without your eyebrows done is pretty much equivalent of going out without shoes – unappealing and socially unacceptable.

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Eyebrows can help you to look your best or worst, depending on how you care for them.It’s the main reason why those mainstream photos of celebrities without eyebrows are hilarious, needless to say strange.

Eyebrows help to balance your facial features, frame your eyes, and refine your overall appearance to help you look more youthful.The problem is that duplicating those flawless celebrity arches isn’t easy.The average person is bound to make a few mistakes on their first attempt, whether it be cutting them too short or coloring them too dark.In this post we’ll discuss some common mistakes that you should avoid so that you’ll always leave home with perfect eyebrows.

Mistake #1: Widening Your Eyebrow Gap Too Much To Fix A Unibrow


If you have a unibrow or the ends of your eyebrows are just too shabby you may find yourself plucking the excess hair from the gap between your brows.This can possibly make your eyebrows look incredibly unnatural and too wide apart.

How To Avoid This: While doing your eyebrows, hold a pencil or slim makeup brush vertical to your nose as seen in the image above.This should give you an idea of where your eyebrow should start.

Mistake #2: Matching The Color Of Your Eyebrow With The Color Of Your Hair


This is one of the most common mistake made by people, especially those with dyed hair.They dye their hair golden and then purchase a golden eyebrow pencil. They bleach their hair and think that they have to bleach their eyebrows as well.Contrary to what you beauty offenders may believe, the shade of your eyebrow and color of your hair don’t always have to match.

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How To Avoid This: Whether you’re planning to purchase an eyebrow pencil or powder, the safest thing to do is to purchase a shade of brown that slightly matches the color of your hair.If you are a blonde beauty then you can choose from a variety of shades that are darker than the color of your hair.

Mistake #3: Ruining Your Natural Eyebrow Arch


Not having a natural 45 degree angle arch doesn’t mean that you can just create one.There is a high chance that your brows already have an arch, even if it’s not as defined as you would like it to be. Putting your arch too close to the center of your face eventually ruins your chances of having perfect eyebrows.It may even make your eyes look angrier.

How To Avoid This: Angle a slim makeup brush or pencil along the bridge of your nose across your pupil to help you determine where your eyebrow arch should be.Whether you are using a pencil or powder to shape your eyebrow, it’s important to follow your natural arch.If you’re not satisfied with the natural arch of your eyebrow then let them grow out and consult with a professional.

Mistake #4: Making Your Eyebrows Look Sparse


If your eyebrow hairs are too sparsely separated to the point where your skin is visible then they may look messier than they should.

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How To Avoid This: Never forget to fill your brows, especially if the hairs are sparse.Try investing in a brow gel, like those offered by Shapes Brow Bar, which you can use to fill in your brows and let them appear natural.On your next visit to the salon you can always ask a beautician to recommend a gel that will compliment your eyebrows.

Mistake #5: Tweezing Too Much Hair From The Edge Of Your Eyebrows


Tweezing too often could ruin the natural shape of your eyebrows.Ultimately you could ruin your arch, as discussed above, or make them look too short.Over-tweezing could eventually make the hairs on your eyebrows too thin, making it increasing difficult for your brows to look natural even when you fill them in with a good pencil or powder.Worst case scenario you may need to get eyebrow extensions.

How To Avoid This: Drop your tweezers and put them away where they can’t be easily found.Allowing your eyebrows to grow out is one of the most important steps to getting perfect eyebrows.Though they may look strange a first, give them some time and soon they will looking lush and full, making it easier for you to shape them.Visit a professional to get your eyebrows threaded or waxed if you believe the edge needs taming.

Mistake #6: Covering Your Eyebrows With Too Much Makeup


Coloring your brows too dark could make them look less natural and more like they’re painted on.In this case your eyebrows could drown the rest of your face.

How To Avoid This: When doing your eyebrows, use short strokes to fill them in without dragging the pencil or pressing down too hard.This way it’s easier for you to keep them looking natural.

Mistake #7: Trying To Match The Shape Of Your Eyebrows Perfectly

It’s impossible to make twins out of sisters and that’s what many people tend to forget.Many people tend to over-tweeze on their quest to make their eyebrows identical. However, this will only make your eyebrows look thinner and further away from perfection.

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How To Avoid This: Follow the natural shape of both of your eyebrows and always try to remember that they are sisters not twins.If you want to adjust their shape, wait until they have fully grown out.

Mistake #8: Plucking Your Brows Until They Become Too Short


Your eyes and nose may look a bit over-sized if your eyebrows are too short.Of course this does not mean that you should lengthen them enough to shrink your eyes.

How To Avoid This: The golden rule when it comes to deciding how long or short your eyebrow should be is to use a pencil or makeup brush to measure them.Place the pencil vertical to your nose then tilt it slightly, resting the other end on the outer corner of your eye.The top of the brush or pencil is where your eyebrows should end.

Mistake #9:  Filling Your Eyebrows Before Doing Most Of Your Makeup

Everyone’s complexion changes slightly after they put on foundation.So, if you do your brows before your foundation routine, they will match your original complexion but may look different after.

How To Avoid This: Try to do your brows as one of the last steps of your daily makeup routine.This way it will match the rest of your face better.

Mistake #10: Tweezing Your Eyebrows Before Taking A Shower


If you bathe with warm water your eyebrow’s hair follicles will loosen up, especially for people with weaker, less dense hairs.This can have a noticeable effect if your eyebrows are freshly tweezed.

How To Avoid This: It’s simple. Try not to tweeze your eyebrows right before you shower and you will be just fine.

Mistake #11: Using The Wrong Brush On Your Brows


When it comes to filling in your eyebrows be sure to use as little product as possible, and one way to do so is to use the right brush.Some brushes may pick up too much product and can make your eyebrows look messy and unnatural.

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How To Avoid This: It’s always better to use thin brush to do light strokes when filling in your eyebrow.Some brow products come with an applicator, and many makeup brush brands make brushes specifically for filling in your eyebrows.

 Mistake #12: Not Blending Your brows Properly


“Always blend well” – the golden rule of the makeup industry.

Just as you blend your foundation, it’s important to blend out the harsh lines in your eyebrow after you fill them in.This will keep it from looking too unnatural.

How To Avoid This: Use a spoolie to brush your brows gently after filling them in, whether you’re using a pencil or cream.

The Reema Beauty Brow Pencil is an affordable option that comes with a fine brush that you can use to blend your eyebrows.

Mistake #13: Not Using Brow Gel


It’s useless to spend hours filling in your eyebrows if you do not intend to use a brow gel.Chances are your brow hairs are not set in the same direction and using a brow gel will help you set them in place.

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How To Avoid This: Always use a brow gel after you have filled and blended your eyebrows.The Reema Brow Kit offered by Shapes Brow Bar is a convenient option that includes both the eyebrow filler and brow gel.

Mistake #14: Covering Your Eyebrows With Other Products


When applying sun screen, gels, lotions, foundation, or simply moisturizing their skin, many people tend to cover their eyebrows in the product. This not only prevents you from filling in your brows naturally but it will also prevent your brows from growing out.

How To Avoid This: Try to avoid your eyebrows while applying products to your face.

Mistake #15: Using An Eyebrow Stencil


While many of you may believe using a stencil is a surefire method to create perfect eyebrows, this is not always the case.The thing is, for most people the shape of their brow will not fit perfectly with a stencil.

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More often than not you’ll end up with an awkward brow shape that does not compliment your face.

How To Avoid This: Ditch the Stencil! Getting your eyebrow threaded regularly by a skilled beautician will help you to get a natural gorgeous shape.

Mistake #16: Not Considering The Shape Of Your Face


It’s important to consider the shape of your face if you want perfect eyebrows.

For instance, most people with an oblong face will want slightly flatter eyebrows to complement their sharp features and make their face appear shorter.

In the case of round faces, angled brows are best since they generally help to give off a more youthful look.

How To Avoid This: Use red lipstick to outline the perimeter of your face, this should give you an idea of what shape your face has.

See our post on “Eyebrow Shapes to Compliment Your Face” [Insert link to previous post] to find out what shape eyebrow will match your face.

Mistake #17: Plucking At Home Rather Than Visiting A Brow Professional


While DIY trends have become popular; when it comes to getting perfect eyebrows it’s always best to seek the help of a professional.By plucking or shaving your eyebrows at home you could end up ruining their natural shape.

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Also, not everyone if good with a pair of tweezers or a razor.How To Avoid This: Spend less time in front of your bathroom mirror tweezing your eyebrows and visit and professional that can help you to get the perfect shape.


Bold big eyebrows have grown on us beauty advocates today,Seeing celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad and Cara Delevingne, perfect their eyebrows has been a real eye opener for many of us and with the right methods you can also have perfect eyebrows.Try to avoid the mistakes listed above and you will have already increased your chances of having perfect eyebrows.