Big data is slowly building up a strong analytical base for both large and small businesses, and it is proving to be a matter of interest to the admins in the recent years. At the initial stages, experts thought of big data only in terms of volume. However, its dimensions and measurements now encompass variety and velocity too.

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Currently, big data is no more about the collection and gathering of data. Experts use it to gain actionable insights. The growing acceptance of big data practices underlines its effectiveness in better business and marketing management and enhanced ROI.

Limitation of business intelligence tools

Even though big data has the standalone potential to transform the ways that a company performs, many of the existing business intelligence tools do not have the capacity to handle the huge volume of data. So, the ability of enterprises to extract and process data to ensure the best value is limited to using the conventional BI tools.

However, a lot of transformation is happening lately with big data integration in terms of superior user engagement, enhanced business and customer insight, optimized operation, better lead generation, and fraudulence protection.

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Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud setting opens new opportunities

As the name suggests, Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud is the latest cloud platform for frond-end data analysis, which the businesses can use virtually from anywhere anytime through public or third-party apps. Offering cross-functional and multi-platform compatibility, it has soon become the business administrators’ best choice.

Even though it as a modest entry, the big data analytics tool and practices from Salesforce Dx has slowly built up from strength to strength by establishing new relationships with the leading market players in the big data sector like:

  • Cloudera
  • New Relic
  • Hortonworks
  • Google
  • Informatica
  • Trifacta

Why try Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud?

There are many advantages to using this tool. Some of them are:

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1: Highly secured

Rather than being another baseline system for data visualization, Salesforce ensures both management support and a friendly user interface. Wave Analytics has the capacity to meet the expectations of all sorts of users regarding data privacy.

2: Mobile Friendly

As a new-generation product, Wave Analytics Cloud is fully compatible with mobile devices, which makes it easier for the user to access it from anywhere on even the smaller mobile screens.

3: Easy and instant data access

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud is a simple design for the marketers to access data which they use in real time without any intervention from the IT support team. It can pull out the exact data without any errors.

What to Look for in Business Analytics Tools

4: Scalable

When compared to the conventional business intelligence applications, Wave platform offers unlimited scalability to the users with no limit to the volume and extent of data that requires processing.

To conclude, Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud has now transformed the way businesses acquire, process, and interpret big data. Gaining the exact insights, business users have the potential to be seamlessly competent in the current market conditions.

Author Bio:

Lindy David is a big data consultant and promoter of She possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation and management of BI tools like Salesforce and Flosum.