Logo Design

The very first thing that your clients will notice is not service or the products you offer via offline and even online. True, first impression last and this is how important is your brand logo. This would be your brand and identity.

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Therefore, if it seems that the logo is too lame, then many potential clients would assume that you are not competent enough to meet their expectations. The same goes when it comes to your blog page. Your logo should represent your online platform in the most presentable way. Of course, it must be unique and at the same time, attractive to the eyes.

Logo Making

The problem is, most bloggers these days aren’t knowledgeable enough to create their own logo. Quite frankly, they know how to write, but they don’t know how to design which is appealing to the audience’s eyes. But, it really does not have to be complicated at all.

Thanks to Canva, anyone and everyone can create stunning logos at ease. Now, many designers would agree that a DIY logo is not highly recommended. But, when you use Canva for logo making and other graphic design, you can create even better compared to professional designers. But of course, you need to follow the rule of thumb when it comes to logo design.

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There are five elements that you should consider when making your logo.

First, it does not have to be elaborated as great and fancy. Just consider who Calvin Klein does their logo. In fact, some of the famous logos in the market are the simplest. To name a few, Apple Inc. Nike, CNN and Google are the most popular brand yet, the simplest.

Secondly, is the letter mark of your brand. This can be very effective especially if you are creating a logo for your blogging page. This can be very important when you are going to use this as an alternate logo as your profile image from your social media pages and so.

Third, is the use of brand mark for your logo. It is a graphic symbol usually vector to identify your brand. This can be complicated to pull off when it comes to a blogging page. You must create an element that communicates to the audiences. It can work great as your prime or alternate logo. Consider the Microsoft XBox 360 for example.

Next, when making a logo, you may consider creating a combination logo putting the brand mark and the name of your platform itself. Combining your word mark and the brand mark can be challenging but can be very fulfilling. Just have a good look at McDonald’s logo and the North Face.

Fifth is the emblem logo. This can be very impressive if it is done correctly. This can be an old school when it comes to branding a logo, but still, it can impact the audiences and can make the first impression. Just like the famous Harley Davidson bike. It is a bit old school, yet it is cool.

Time to Create One

Logo Design

Now it is time to create your logo using Canva. Before anything else, you must first create a Canva account. You can do so by registering your social media accounts or your email. Once you created one, you will be headed to the welcoming header page whereas, the site lets you choose a template for your graphic logo.

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From here, you will create your own graphic logo, posters, social media templates and all kinds of graphic elements. Canva is for every occasion and you can simply pick the template of your choice. The cool thing is, you can customize your preferable dimension by clicking on the upper right-hand corner from your screen.

Design and Create

Logo Design

As soon as you selected your preferred templates, it is time for you to design and create. You will bring into the work area of Canva and you will see wide varieties of layouts to choose from. Once you do, next is to upload your photos like headshots or any images that you want to include to your logo. Canva also offers stock images and you can simply do so by taking the advantage of the search box above the page. Just enter the word, and you’ll see a wide selection of arrays to choose from.


Check the Latest Designs

Logo Design

If you don’t know how to start, you can always check the latest trends when it comes to logo designs by checking different websites. You can go to dribble and try to roam around, follow designers and see the latest designs. Just like the saying, every professionals started as amateurs and therefore, you should be open minded about the designs prior to the user interface trends. As soon as you got the idea, you can select the design of your choice from Canva. Again, take the time you need to create the best output you can for your logo.

Download Your Logo

Take the time you need to create the kind of logo you want for your blog page. Once, you try and play around with different layouts and adding different elements, you can make the desired logo for your brand. Just click the download button and you’ll get your brand new logo in a few seconds.

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Now, it is time for you to share your logo via social media. You can save your file from PNG (recommended) JPEG and PDF. You can also use GIF animation for other projects to your blogging site. You can maximize the use of Canva for free via creating graphic testimonials, workbook lead magnets, quotes, inspiration and many kinds of designs.

For Designers and Canva Users

Using Canva for graphic design is available for anyone for free. But, if you want to take your design to the next level, you can try Canva for work. In here, the only limit would be your creativity. You can design stuff that you could not ever imagine that you can make. At the same time, you can increase your designing skills which most graphic designer prefers to use.