Document management has become easier in recent times, with the ability to digitize all of the information in an effort to go paperless. New tools are being created to make the process even easier, including the use of e-signatures, cloud-based software, and integration with social media. But trying to wrap your head around all of the digital trends can feel like an exercise in futility.

Every year, there are newer trends being developed to make this process even easier. To stay in the loop, here are the new trends for the coming year that you should definitely be looking at.

The Development of Interactive Documents

Interactive documents are making it much easier for businesses to send information without having to attach several files. Audio and video files can be embedded into documents, for example, or documents could make it easier for parties to actually add e-signatures. Contracts and agreements can be signed much faster without the use of a fax machine, and legal case management software can make an attorney’s work that much easier to keep organized, for example. No more lost paperwork or puttings documents into the wrong folder.

Process Automation Done Well

Artificial intelligence is being paired with robotic process automation in other to make it easier to complete repetitive tasks in a more intelligent fashion. It’s an effort to teach A.I. how to adapt to the changing conditions and data being provided to it in order to still create the documents that are necessary. This way, the more complex tasks can be completed faster and without error, which increases overall workflow for your business.

Handwriting Recognition

One of the most profound developments and trends this year is the use of handwriting recognition in the documentation. The software has been developed to provide the ability to digitally sign documents, such as bank checks or medical forms. This definitely saves time on having to scan every single document after physically signing it in person, and with encryption, signed documents can definitely be made more secure.

Intelligent Analysis of Documents

Technology has been developed to combine the processing of natural language and machine learning to interpret documents and images. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as the summarization of certain documents so that the basic gist can be read easily, removing outdated versions of document material so that there aren’t duplicates, and classifying texts and images into certain metadata so that they can be categorized more easily. No more searching around in folders to find what you’re looking for; the analysis process will take care of all the work for you.

As technology gets smarter and smarter over the coming years, information management will become more intelligent, transforming the way we share information into something entirely new. The process will become more streamlined, minimizing the time it takes to collect all the information needed. Keeping up with these trends will definitely keep you and your business on the right track so that you’re not falling behind the times.