The primary reason for which business men and women are tilting towards using the web is to reach out to more people in less time. To ensure this, you need to be aware enough to make your web pages stand out in the crowd and the best way to do so is by taking the help of On-Page SEO.

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It is a known fact that whenever a search is placed, Google goes through numerous links and comes up with the most relevant searches. If you wish to see the name of your company at the top of search results, then you need to do some necessary changes and make your page perfectly optimized but. Here is how you could do so.

What is a perfect page?

In order to have a perfect page, you need to know what actually it is. A perfectly optimized page is a balanced web page where all the crucial information is given properly following the best possible method and technicalities. A page with catchy title and attractive content constructed with relevant keywords to keep the viewers hooked is the need of the day.

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But only this is not enough, instead you should also have the precise URLs and ample back links so that the viewer can get back easily to your page. Thus, if you chalk out a clear and concise web page which loads easily on any device, then you would indeed become the fore-runner in this market.

However, in order to have this picture-perfect page, you need to have On-Page SEO and over here. These simple yet important steps will help you to launch your web page with due concern to search engine optimizations.

Steps to follow

If you want to make your page SEO-active, you should incorporate the followings points in your web page. No wonder, this will help you to be indexed by the search engine crawlers more often.

Title: Itis the reflection of the content and hence it should be apt enough to reciprocate what your content wants to say. Thus, you should pay proper attention to come up with a great title.However, the way to a great title is very easy. Remember to restrict the title to 40-70 characters, neither less nor more and do infuse your keyword, so that Google can notice it at once.

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Meta Description: It accounts for the synopsis of the entire content and hence needs to be accurate. A powerful description will increase the urge of the reader to visit your page and spend more time there.

If this short section also contains the keyword, then it becomes all the more impactful.  However, if your page has nothing tagged as the ‘Meta Description’, don’t worry; either the first 156 characters of your content or the strongest phrase from the content will be taken as the description of your web page in the search results.

URL: The next thing is to consider the URL, which the search engine uses to weigh the capacity of your content. It is better to stay away from extremely long URLs as those are mood spoilers. Hence, choose near about six or ten words that best describes your intention and use those with hyphens to get your own URL. It should highlight the strong point or the USP of your page

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Heading Tags: Along with the external framework, the internal form is equally important, which necessitates ensuring correct heading tags. These tags help both the viewers and the search engines to locate your page. As a foremost tip, always be sure to add your primary keyword in the H1 tags and your secondary keywords in the H2 and H3 tags. While the first tag is extremely important for search engines, the other two tags give structure to your content. You can modify your secondary keywords and then use tags in order to extend the reach of your content.

Optimized Image: In order to make your page appear all the more exciting, you should always incorporate alluring pictures of your work. However, mere uploading picture is not enough. You should always create a URL for your picture using the keyword or its variation. Never forget to add title attribute and alt text, as these are the primary tools to optimize your picture.

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Linking: Notably,Linking your site to other trustable and authoritative sites is a good way of getting attention. Hence, never press the ‘no follow’ tag and let your readers go through various resources to get a hang of the matter. You can also link your page internally to other important pages and posts, so that these can crawl and improve your visitor count.

Length and Style: Paying attention to the size of the contents is also noteworthy. As per researchers, more the number of words, the better are its chances to get enhanced ranking. However, this does not allow you to add unnecessary words to enlarge the content as it will make it drab.Remember to use short paragraphs as it makes the contents more readable. In addition, setting the format of selected content to bolds, italics, and bullets, make it even more appealing as well as user friendly.

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Speed: You very well know the need for speed this age has. No one is willing to waste precious time by waiting for a page to load, no matter how smitten they were with the title and the description. So, you will have to boost the pace of your server and you can do this by reducing plugins, redirects, server response time, enabling compression and browser caching and optimizing CSS Deliver and images.

Socialize: Social sites are now the primary connecting network. Therefore, if you want to engage viewers from those online locations into your site, then you need to put yourself up in those sites first. For this, you can add the social sharing buttons, as this will make the network more compact given how popular these social sites are.

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Responsive-One of the most crucial ways to reach out to people is by making your page responsive. If your page works in only one type of screen, then you are losing the headcounts of the other group. But if your page is flexible enough to open on any screen, then obviously the people interested will go through it.

Verification: In order to attain a good rank, you need to be authoritative in the eyes of Google and the best way to be so is adding your G+ account with your website. As your web page gets an identity as verified, your visitor’s trust will lie with your page.

Click Optimization- Visitors feel good if they get their required page within few clicks. Hence, try to keep your page close to your home page.

Bottom Line

All these points will help your website to get noticed but the key to the success of the entire work rests on the content. No matter, whichever technical support you take, if your writing technique isn’t flawless, then it won’t gather the crowd.

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Hence, while keeping all these steps in mind, put your best effort in producing a page which is unique and useful. A duplicate write-up leaves a negative impact. So, be yourself and create because only you know what you are best at!

Simply follow these guidelines about On-Page SEO and enjoy the top rank!

Author Bio:

Ram Babu is a Digital Marketing Specialist, have been working in online marketing field for a decade. Currently, he is working as an SEO Manager for Big Slate Media and 245 Tech.