Email is one of the key touches between organizations and their customers.

Creating and sending emails is part of a busy marketer’s tactics to build relationships with customers. Below is a simple email checklist with helpful tips that will ensure your email not only looks good but gets opened, read and acted upon by your subscribers.


You probably know how bad it feels to send out an email with a typo in the subject line. To avoid typos and other errors, read your email copy twice. First, read it from top to bottom then from bottom to top because by reading words and sentences out of order help see mistakes quicker. Ensure to read your pre-header text, subject line and any other copy that is likely to be overlooked.

By creating your emails, you may get too familiar with the copy and even leave out some mistakes. In this case, it’s advisable to get another set of eyes to help you catch any mistakes. You can do this by recruiting a co-worker with a keen sense of attention to proof it for you.

Links and Calls of Action

Your subscribers will only take action once they know who the email is from and what it’s all about. 


Links give your readers access to more information or bring them to a page on your blog or website. That’s best done by;

  • Testing your links before sending your email to ensure they work and they take your subscribers exactly where you want them
  • Tracking your links using UTM codes that you can see in Google Analytics

Calls to Action (CTA)

Your call for action is what you want your subscribers to do with your email. That should tell which action to take. Below are tips to help you put more action on your CTA:

  • Bold your CTA colors by using a contrasting color for your button compared to the surrounding elements in your email. That helps draw your reader’s attention.
  • Minimize distractions by keeping your reader focused on one choice or action. If you should have multiple calls-to-action, ensure to maintain your main CTA in a prominent position on your email.

Check Your List

The success of your email marketing campaign lies in the quality of your list. However, many email errors may occur if there’s a mistake in the list. Scrub your email list and remove duplicate addresses for any improperly formatted or invalid addresses. With the right list for your product, you finally live the dream or have an early retirement in 2019.

Integrate your campaign monitors with Kickbox to remove low-quality addresses from your subscribers’ lists. You’ll also need to include an opt-out or unsubscribe link in every email, although many email service providers do this for you automatically. That’s a requirement of the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 and is non-negotiable.

Test and Optimize

Every email you send gives you a chance to learn something about your subscribers. You can take advantage of this by testing and optimizing with;

A/B Testing

There are an infinite amount of elements to test in your email, but it is advisable to use one element per test so you can understand what’s happening.