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For many years, environmentalists have been attempting to discover something that will provide better illumination for roads, streets, parks, and open spaces without harming the environment. With hard work, they finally found the best solution, solar lights!

HeiSolar street lights are some of the best and latest innovations in the solar industry today. Solar products are popular for their inexhaustible energy source—the sun. The off-grid nature of solar street lights spares them from electricity blackouts or disruption due to maintenance activities. Now, let’s take all these advantages and compare them with the disadvantages of solar lights.

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Less Maintenance Needed

Compared to the conventional street lights, solar street lights require less to zero maintenance. In fact, you will only need to do a few check-ups, cleaning, and changing of batteries from time to time. All in all, you will need to check its performance, control systems, and design—minor maintenance. As opposed to conventional street lights that need a lot of response repairs and preventive maintenance.


Solar lights support a green environment as they utilize the renewable energy of the sun instead of fossil fuels. Trenching for wiring is not necessary for the installation of solar street lights. 

Moreover, solar street lights emit less amount of carbon footprint to the environment than that of traditional street lights. The consumption of fossil fuels results in the production of carbon footprints or greenhouse gas emissions. These lead to the instigation of climate change and the depletion of natural resources.


Solar street lights help you save money by preventing the monthly bills from coming. They don’t use the energy supplied by the electricity provider to produce light. They store and use heat energy from the sun. PV panels convert solar into electrical energy. Also, due to less maintenance and the need for repairs, you won’t need to shell out more money to ensure the performance of these lamps.

Imperishable Source

The sun sets, but it definitely rises up again the next day. It is an imperishable source of energy. As long as the sun exists, the luminance produced by solar street lights will never go extinct. Traditional street lights use fossil fuels for electricity, once they run out of fossil fuels, maybe the electricity will be gone as well.

Widely Available

You will never have a hard time searching for solar street lights! They come in different types, designs, technology, sizes, features, etc. You have a lot of options. You can pick the ones that suit your environment and also fit their purpose. You can have them installed on roads, parkways, open spaces, gardens, etc.

Off-Grid Nature

Again, you don’t have to worry anymore whether your lights will automatically turn off due to occasional maintenance in your subdivision or place. Solar street light has an off-grid nature. It is not connected to the main electricity provider. It can even be installed in remote places that have no access to the source of electricity, which is one of the main reasons why a lot of RVers like to install Solar Panels on their RVs. You can read more RV solar kits here

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

The following are some of the disadvantages of solar street lights that you can observe but surely won’t outweigh the above-mentioned advantages:

More Expensive than Traditional Street Lights

True enough, solar street lights are more costly than traditional street lights. The high price of solar lights is the main reason why people refuse to do the switch. Cost is one of the main factors to consider in making a purchase, but people do not choose to see the bigger picture.


Solar street lights are naturally unconnected to the main power grid which allows them to be installed in remote areas that cannot be reached by any electric power line. It has an advanced technology that enables the PV panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Hence, solar street lights are initially really expensive.


Battery Replacement

You will need to change the batteries of the lighting fixture because like any other thing, they get exhausted from constant use too. But don’t worry, you can ask any utility man to do this for you. It’s a very simple task that can be handled even by yourself.

Risk of Theft

Solar street lights are not wired to the ground. They are also pricey; thus, they are of high value. People who have the intention of committing theft can always do it. The risk of theft is high. But, if you have security personnel to look after them, you can prevent the occurrence of the crime.

Accumulation of Moisture in Extreme Weather Conditions

Lastly, during extreme weather conditions, solar street lights can stand the weather as they are weather-proof. Although, since the moisture becomes accumulated inside the film of solar light, you need to regularly clean it and wipe off the moisture to dry the light otherwise the inner structure may become damaged.


The purpose of this article is to let you know what the attributes and downsides of these solar-powered lights are. Now that you already know some advantages and disadvantages of solar street lamps, you can give yourself some time to decide whether to make the switch or not.