Need help on how to build .edu backlinks in 2017?

.Edu backlinks are among the most valuable backlinks when compared to any other TLDs as they are usually used by colleges, universities and several other educational institutions. No wonder Google worships them.

Naturally, it requires efficient effort and investment on your part to gain access to links from such sites. However, the good news is, it is not necessary that you have to be an expert in the field or the subject offered by a certain educational institution in order to get a scholarship backlink to your site.

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If you are aiming this year to get scholarship backlinks for your website which I strongly recommend you must, this post covers the trending techniques. Your website can be on any niche. You don’t need to own an educational website to enjoy the advantages.

Advantages Of Getting Scholarship Backlinks

  • Google values .edu backlinks more than any other .coms increasing your search engine rank
  • Educational websites are genuine
  • You get a large number of targeted audience
  • Gain website’s trust and value

Now, let’s have a proper look on the strategies you can apply to build scholarship backlinks in 2017. They are here because they work and they are trending.

Why Is Education Important To Get A Better Job

How To Build Scholarship.Edu Backlinks In 2017

.Edu Backlinks

Give Out Scholarships

Very less number of universities or educational institutions would say NO to scholarships.

You can actively start by making a thorough search of the educational institutions through Google or any local channels that is most relevant to your market niche and offer scholarship for meritorious students.

Search the sites of universities and reach out to their in charge.

Let’s say you are the owner of a sports brand. Almost every college or university adds sports into their yearly curriculum.

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Take advantage of it and offer scholarship to students who excel in sports.

You can ask permission to list your scholarship scheme in their institution’s website whereby you gain a backlink.

Generic backlinks are not bad but if you can get a handful of backlinks from .edu websites that are most close to your niche, it will add more value to your site.

Another way of scholarship link building is to give aid to meritorious students who are poor.

This is a philanthropic way to gain access to educational backlinks.

Why Is Education Important To Get A Better Job

Create a Scholarship Page And Send Emails

Sending emails are still one of the most cost effective and time saving methods practiced in business.

After you create your scholarship page, mention all the details – scholarship name, amount, terms and conditions, deadline etc.

Once you are done start looking for institutions that lists scholarships in their website.

Plenty of universities accept outside scholarships. Finding them won’t be that hard.

You can start sending emails informing them about the scholarship scheme to their Financial AID team. Politely ask them to put the link on their website so that students can find it and start applying.

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This method will help you gain scholarship links in a very short period of time.

Just an advice: There is no hard and fast rule, but I refrain myself from sending more than 12 emails on daily basis. Because, I would like the links to come over

.Edu Backlinks

Screenshot from my SENT folder – EMail IDs and name of the colleges are hidden purposefully

Tips to get more backlinks from .Edu Sites

Let me share a small tip that will help you find more number of colleges who would readily accept your offer. At, a bangalore based SEO Company, I use AHREFS to find backlinks of those sites which already have a scholarship page in their website.

I then reach out to all those colleges/universities who have already accepted and published his/her link on their scholarship page.

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For every scholarship page, you can easily get 10-20 new source for backlinks.  Next what? Just repeat the same for 5-6 more sites and you are done.

.Edu Backlinks

Ahrefs report when exported showed the list of colleges/universities with scholarship pages listed on their website

Provide Discounts Of Your Products To Students

Again, no one can say No to discounts, especially students.

Supposing you have some products that can help the students in their daily needs, why not provide them at a special offer?

Your business products can be stationary or software designs or just anything that can aid students in pursuing their course.

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Get in touch with the professor or dean with your proposal who will most possibly agree.

You can then ask permission for your offer to be listed on the institution’s website. This will allow access to a backlink to your site.

Schedule Interview With A Faculty Member

Find a university professor who is related to your industry and reach out to him.

A doctor can reach out to a science professor or a lawyer can reach out to someone who teaches law.

The interview process can be conducted via email or even better, you can record the interview in person.

Make sure to come up with great interview questions so that everyone will be benefitted.

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You can post the interview in your blog and ask the professor if the administration will want to link the interview to their website.

Most of the universities will agree as it will be viewed as an acknowledgement.

Create Quality Content

Content is still the king.

Without quality content, however much you try and get backlinks, visitors will eventually stay away from your site. Nobody wants to read crappy contents for sure.

After you post quality texts on your blog, optimize it by searching for institutions which are closest to your industry.

Most of the universities maintain blogs. You can start posting intelligent comments on their pages and provide relevant answers to students seeking help. This will gradually boost your value and gain trust.

You can provide a link back to your website without being too promotional.

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If they find your comments valuable will automatically link to your site.

Caution: Do not build links from those .edu sites where the OBL is already high. Avoid the .edu sites where so called SEO Experts have already flooded the site with their spammy links.

Give A Shout Out To Edu Site Blogs

More and more college blogs are popping up every day.

Start getting innovative and invite bloggers to do guest posting on your site.

You can expose your blog and at the same time, they are most likely to jump in when you invite.

Also, edu bloggers who talk about your niche can be found out easily by using search engine.

Take some time to go through their posts and create a list post.

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You can then take photos of the bloggers and write bio and send a link to their best post.

Send an email telling them that you have featured them in their post.

This strategy will gain plenty of links back to your site.

How do Google see .Edu links as?

When I told my clients about how I build .Edu links for my clients, the first thing they told me was that this is a black hat method. If you are one of them, let me make it very clear that this method is not a black hat one.

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You might find some sellers selling .edu backlinks from comments for 5USD or 10USD. If you check the backlinks properly, you will find that there are already 100 of approved backlinks with main keyword as their anchor text. Now, this is something you can call buying links for cheap from not so trusted web page.

However, getting a link from .edu websites in form of scholarships, discounts or interview can no way be considered Blackhat.

To know more about Scholarship link building, you may refer Neil Patel’s post here and this post on MOZ

Time To Build Your .Edu BackLinks

Having said all, it is now time to apply all those tricks into your scholarship link building strategy in 2017. Of course, it will need time and effort on your part but good things don’t come easy.

It is proven time and again that .Edu backlinks make your website soar high above the charts in search engines. Make use of it for maximum benefit and add value to your sites today.