Effective communication practices are a great way to alter how customers interact with growing companies. It assists them to ensure that their startup or small business gains swift profitability and makes a difference with their presence in today’s competitive business world. At the same time, it is also essential for companies to adopt a cost-effective and high-class communication model to augment their operational efficiency and engagement.


Phone Systems

The advent of effective communication is drastically taking over traditional communication options. There are now a number of sophisticated communication options for organizations across the globe for the companies to use such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and IP telephony service. This is indeed transforming the telecommunications scenario in all types of industries regardless of the company’s size.

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The terms VoIP and IP telephony are often interchangeably used, but there are some minor changes between the two. Both VoIP phone system and IP telephony are a technology used for making calls over the Internet. However, their functioning differs, in the sense that VoIP is a particular type of IP telephony and is universal in nature.

Having based on the VoIP technology, VoIP phone numbers can make voice calls and route them over data networks. This enables the usage of VoIP technology worldwide, even in the far-flung geographical areas like the US & Australia, which lifts the connectivity and allows the customer base of a company in a foreign land. IP telephony, on the other hand, boosts VoIP capability with a host of integrated features that run on computer systems. It replaces traditional line-based telephone systems and can be used easily through normal data networks to connect people and sites based in remote locations.

Business Phone Systems are undoubtedly a real business asset that can assist organizations to scale up the heights of their success rapidly without any geographical limitations. This technology is an unimaginably effective medium to gain credibility in overseas markets. Companies across the globe are harnessing the power of Virtual Phone Number for different countries, thereby connecting and improving the scope for businesses in a unique way. Getting your VoIP numbers from popular providers offers seamless connectivity with your customers and expand their business. Small, medium or large enterprise can obtain their business phone number from CallHippo, and save huge money in their communications on national and overseas calls.

Thus, without a doubt, the Virtual Phone System is a futuristic and essential business tool for enterprises that are capable of bringing about a forceful transformation at the modern workplace. It binds together the team members, customers, stakeholders, managers through collaborative communication and streamlined task flow management. Not only makes this super essential to ditch traditional phone systems and appreciate the advantages of Business Phone Number, but there are a list of incredible features that make it even more convenient and friendly to use:

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Voicemail Greeting– As important is a voicemail for the convenience of managers on the go, and the tone of the voicemail greeting sound also be friendly, appreciative of the call, and to the point. So, with this feature, you can customize your message to softly ask your customers to leave a message after the voicemail greeting along with their name, call back number, and the purpose of their call. Also, you can provide them with an opportunity to use other alternatives such as email id, alternate number, website etc. in case they need an immediate response.

Call Analytics – Call Analytics feature in Virtual Phone System is incredibly helpful for those businesses where there is usually a large volume of being handled at once. What particularly makes this feature a must-have business asset is that it helps you track records on call volume, duration of calls and routes incoming and outgoing calls that largely assists in team training, coaching and evaluation, as the data is accessible anytime for reviews and feedback.

Call Planner – Companies with a sizeable number of international clients often face difficulty in managing the calls, especially planning it at the most suitable time for both the parties. Thus, the Call Planner feature enables your managers to fix up appointments for a time that is suitable to both parties, ultimately augmenting suitability and flexibility.

Call Distribution– This feature enables you to distribute your calls and route it to the right executive at the receiving end. Predetermine the order in which you want to channel the incoming calls to your virtual phone number, and the calls will be automatically routed in that order, making it easier and flexible for you to handle the calls.


VoIP Phone Systems are state-of-the-art technology that is drastically changing the structure of corporate communication and bringing in an era of productivity and business efficacy! The Virtual Phone Number has now become a lifeline of modern communication networks, which is ready to adopt and achieve success in the business ecosystem. Also, this makes it convenient to move on from old traditional networks and jump on the effective and pocket-friendly internet-based calling plans that are even customizable to your organizational requirements.

So, without any further ado, it’s time you leap your business by investing in the best virtual phone solution for your business!