Once upon a time advertising was all about a simple ad on the newspaper or some 1 min or 30 second ad on TV while series were being run. But the advent of digital media has changed the way advertising is done.

But somewhere we miss the creativity in advertising.

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creative advertising

Renowned ad film makers in India have made various ads for various products. Some were inspired from foreign ads; some were based on indigenous values.

A few of the ads has been in mind of the viewers for more than a decade. A few days back, I was watching a compilation of various ads from the 1990’s in YouTube and some of these ads actually brought my childhood memories back.

old indian adsIn one such ad, a child flees from home after being scolded for mischief by his dad. He goes to the railway station where he is being rescued by the old postman who was familiar with the family. But the child id reluctant to go home as he has being scolded. So the postman says that mom has made jalebis, his favorite sweet, with Dhara oil, at home. This prompts him to come back with the postman uncle. That was the good old days, when the society had these trusted people and simple childhood.

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Another ad features a girl at a cricket stadium, where her boyfriend is batting. After the guy hits a six, she crosses the security and runs to him while dancing and eating Cadbury dairy milk to the tune of kya swaad hai zindagi ke.

carbury adThe point is, advertising may have also gone through evolution, but when we see these creative ads, it teaches us the creativity can evolve but it cannot fade away. A creative ad is always remembered. And also it has a lasting impact on the mind of the customers.


Coca-Cola_logo_2007Anything creative will always be remembered by the people and people will associate the brand with either the background score or the expressions. But it will keep reminding the brand and product along with making the customers nostalgic about the past.