I am usually the unofficial photographer of every event, party and get-togethers in every social circle around me.

No matter what event it is I have to cover it, and everyone wants to work it out just like a professional.

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And, once the selfie stick took over, then also it was me people looked for.  So, as the winter holidays are approaching, the best I could do was to get a help from a professional to take care of my talent.

Kyle Nelson

The Treat With Kyle Nelson

While shooting some videos for my company and Amazon listing, I was introduced to Kyle. He is a photographer by profession, and owner of Results Imagery. It is a rising brand that is intended to be the largest e-commerce/product photography and videography studio. These guys utilize the online ordering method in the industry.

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They are an e-commerce service provider, and are offering their service via an e-commerce platform. They are a team of professional commercial photographers, videographers, startup founders, e-commerce brand managers, product owners, and graphic designers. They love to help e-commerce, and call themselves as the, “e-commerce leaders.”

With Talent Comes Style!

So, I got the chance to work with Kyle and his team for my ecommerce website and its launching. And my, my – honestly the pleasure was all mine. I got to know so much of something, that I was used to do just because of liking it.

Technically speaking, for me photography and snaps were just a grand camera on a smartphone and nothing more. But, this meeting changed everything I thought I knew. Let me tell you from the scratch.

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Kyle Nelson

The World From Kyle’s Camera

I asked Kyle to tell me more about his company and passion. It was just a small, get-to-know-you chat from my side. But, Kyle, was nothing ordinary. On the contrary, this guy is full of surprises, and a deep knowledge of what he does. He told me about Results Imagery in detail.

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He says, “It is a media service that allows online store owners to easily order “on-white” product photos, “lifestyle” product photos and product “description” videos.”

According to him, “Results Imagery is a unique online platform that gives online store owners the ability to order online, without the time, hassle and price of receiving these services through a local photographer.”

When I asked him about the benefit of it all, he said, “Rafi, think about it. It is by and large, about cost-saving features, and they don’t have to wait for delivery either.”

He quotes, that, “At Results Imagery, we aim to offer fast turn-around stretches, reasonably priced rates, and an easy order-system; all while proposing quality media services.”  Well, yes that makes sense, and who wouldn’t want to take the full advantage here.  

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Kyle Nelson

Professionals Business Photography Is Their Style

I am talking about all of those high-quality photos professional photos that you see, while you are about to buy a product. ? Each and every angle and detail of the product is visible. That’s what Kyle and his team do for every client they serve.  They offer customized-services for every client. So, the attractive feature is that, you pay only for what you want – nothing else.

My personal experience of my brand shoot made me know them personally. As, they did deliver what they promised. Kyle says, “Credibility and beauty, in the form of images and videos, is what my dream and passion is about.”

If you are looking to go about a professional service, then you must get all or at least a few of the below pointers. Then only, your product is fully delivered. I was able to draft these with insights from the man, himself – Kyle.

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He says, to always look for:

  1. Product Photography
  2. Customary Product Photography
  3. In-depth Product Portrayal Videos
  4. Product Captures
  5. Brand Videos for brand visuals

Kyle Nelson

When Your Pictures Talk!

Did you ever see those clicks, where you get mesmerized? Same is the case with brand photo shoots. If and only if, the photographer knows how to do it, then only the brand gets recognized. So, here is what you will get with Kyle and his team in a business photograph portfolio.

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The will exhibit commercial skills to start and grow your business. Kyle and his team love to discuss, what it takes to start snapping your product or brand pictures. They know how to define the market that you are targeting.  They apply techniques on your brand-shoot, to help you to jump start your ads.

Kyle also says, that, “We create a well-developed marketing plan to show your product to your customers, not only online, but also on social media.”

Kyle Nelson

Why Do You Need Kyle And His Team?

This is a simple one-on-one question. It’s not about just taking simple clicks and uploading, its professionalism that will get you noticed. After meeting Kyle, I also agree with his approach and how any business owner can benefit from this group. You need to ask yourself from your customer’s point-of-view, and what they will want to see. With Results Imagery, you need to know, that you can count on these guys.

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  1. Do you want your customers to stay on your website long after they land on your page?
  2. Are you looking to Increase your sites/business credibility?
  3. What about increase web sales?
  4. Is your customer getting a more detailed look at what you are selling?
  5. Want your current product listing photos updated?

All of these, and much more is handled by the professionals at Results Imagery, and you just have to sit back, and relax.

I will suggest to contact for the pep talk and see awesome results like I got mine!