SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short has for long been the secret recipe for success for a growing list of businesses and organization. And as is with most successful practices it was only a matter of time before an underhand and supposedly cheaper, easier and less time-consuming alternative came into being.

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While normative search engine optimization AKA white hat SEO played by the rules, its evil twin – Black Hat SEO exploited subtle Loopholes in the underlying architecture of Search Engine ranking algorithms, but as we will now discover these exploits are almost always short lived and detrimental to the overall health of any website.

But first, what exactly is White Hat SEO

In very plain terms White Hat SEO is the practice of employing ratified and ‘legal’ site optimization strategies that improve a sites’ Search Engine rankings with an undertone of bettering end user experience. Emphasis on ‘legal.’ Legal in this context refers to practices that do not violate search Engine terms and Conditions or any other web legislation for that matter.

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Quite contrastingly to its Black Hat SEO which contravenes most if not all of search engine rules and regulations on-page SEO utilizes industry best practices developed through the years to better search engine placements.

Why you should stick to White Hat SEO

Blackhat SEO is an infringement, more importantly, however, it is one practice that is sure to get your site banned, that is assuming your site gains substantial relevance and sticks around for long enough. Granted a lot of webmasters have achieved massive SERP jumps with the use of black hat techniques, but the question still remains; how many stick around for long enough? A diligently orchestrated white hat SEO campaign takes you to the top of SERP rankings and keeps you there for as long as you maintain relevance and high-quality content.

Foundational White Hat SEO techniques

For a complete guide on verified white hat SEO practices check out Google’s webmaster guidelines.

For this article, however, here are the basic white hat SEO techniques you need to get you going;

1: Offer high-quality content

Content will forever remain king, and quite frankly no matter the SEO tactics you employ, if there’s no quality content to substantiate them, then any significant progress in the SERP climb will most likely never last.

2: Work on your Meta Tags

Meta tags are your website’s passport to the peering eyes of search engine algorithms. They give a brief synopsis of what to expect on the webpage. To create an impressive first impression make sure to use keyword-rich but contextual and descriptive meta tags.

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3: Inbound Linking

If your content is good enough, then it’ll most certainly attract other webmasters who’d gladly reference such content on their website – that’s quality inbound linking. As opposed to the Blackhat technique of link farming where webmasters incentivize other webmasters to link their otherwise irrelevant or subpar content.

4: Finally Site Navigation and architecture

More recently search engine algorithms take into consideration how well a site is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. These two things affect the user experience, and it’s something you should definitely optimize too stand out from the pack.

Overall and contrary to popular opinion white hat SEO works. All it takes is dedication and perseverance; provided you keep to these two and add a touch of ingenuity you’re bound to come out up top in the end.